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The death toll from truck immigration to Texas has risen to 53


June 30, 2022 08:27

U.S. officials said Wednesday that the death toll from the tragic death of an immigrant found Monday in a truck trailer left under heavy sun in San Antonio, Texas, has risen to 53, with four people arrested on suspicion. Was involved in the abduction of these illegal immigrants.
The U.S. Immigration Service said 11 survivors were still being treated in the city’s hospitals, noting the severity of their condition.

Earlier figures released on Tuesday indicated that 51 people, including 39 men and 12 women, had been killed in the tragedy. According to Mexican officials, the 53 dead were 27 Mexicans, 14 Hondurans and seven Guatemalans and Salvadorans, while the national races of the remaining three have not yet been identified.

On Monday evening, a San Antonio worker heard a tragic call from a truck trailer parked near the road where he was working, opened the trailer door and expressed his grief in front of him.

The federal prosecutor in charge of the case said in a statement Wednesday evening that 64 people were found in the truck trailer, 48 of whom died and the remaining 16 were taken to nearby hospitals for treatment, but five of them died soon after.

According to the Attorney General, after temperatures in San Antonio reached about 40 degrees Celsius on Monday, survivors were suffering from severe dehydration and exposure to high temperatures.
Prosecutors have confirmed that authorities have arrested four people on suspicion of involvement in the tragedy.

On Wednesday, the Mexican embassy in Washington announced that US officials in Mexico, the United States, Honduras and Guatemala would coordinate their efforts to “cooperate” in the investigation into the tragedy.

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