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Emirates News Agency – “Statistics and Community Development” highlights the social and economic impacts of mental health


Sharjah, September 14 / WAM / The Department of Statistics and Social Development, as part of the activities of the 12th session of the International Forum on Government Relations, attracted a large number of participants to its program of dialogue sessions at the “Developing Communities Debates” hall. It is organized by Sharjah Government Media Office on 13th and 14th September at Sharjah Centre. Based on the motto of the forum’s current session, Expo Sharjah hosts speakers from government officials and experts to discuss a range of social issues and topics. Today’s resources…tomorrow’s wealth.”

On the second day of the forum, the department’s activities focused on the individual aspect of the social development process, which began its program with a dialogue session on “Improving Quality of Life and Mental Health to Achieve Economic and Social Prosperity”. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdullah Al Thani, CEO of Sharjah Golf Club, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Archery” and “Sharjah Paintball Park”, Dr. Khaled Ghattas, Researcher and Social Media Influencer, and Dr. Laila Al-Hayas, Superintendent and Community Development Department in Abu Dhabi. Managing Director of Innovation Department.

The session began by asking Sheikh Mohammed Al Thani about the basic pillars of mental health and ways to achieve it, based on his personal experience as an entrepreneur. He replied that the lifestyle we choose is the biggest factor affecting our mental health. One of the worst things we face in our lives is not paying attention to the importance of our mental and psychological well-being, as we all know the importance of our physical health. bodies. An environment where my work colleagues can express their feelings and communicate with me in a way.” It is better to address their problems and concerns without hesitation.

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For his part, Khaled Ghattas expressed his surprise that in today’s world the importance of mental health continues to be talked about and spread awareness about it, stressing that many studies and researches have concluded that it is the primary reason for happiness.

He said, “Emphasizing the huge impact of work and the career we choose, we all realize that success, wealth creation, gain and excellence in work and social and emotional relationships are impossible without taking care of our mental health. Our mental state.”

In turn, Dr. Laila Al Hayas reviewed several initiatives and programs that reflect the UAE government’s interest in the mental health of community members and use all available tools and skills based on awareness of the common effects of personal problems. Mental health is a factor in all aspects of our lives and those around us, whether in the family or in the community, and mental health is closely linked to the economy, as it has one of the direct impacts on productivity. .

He added that it is important to maintain the mental health of our children from an early age and give them enough time to listen to their thoughts and understand their feelings without morally judging them. I even practice it for quarter of an hour a day.

The Department of Statistics and Social Development program hosted Sheikh Saud bin Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi and Abdullah Abu, Director of Sharjah Digital Office, and continued with the forum titled “Bridging the gap in individual skills to develop human capital”. Shaikh is co-founder and CEO of Astra Tech. Dawn Metcalf, work culture consultant and founder of PDSi.

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Sheikh Saud Al Qasimi reviewed the most important goals and vision of the Sharjah Digital Platform, which is to integrate all government services of the Sharjah Government into a single platform and manage data along multiple paths to achieve the desired results from various government initiatives. The projects make life easier for citizens and make their experiences easier.

He said, “We are primarily aiming for the Government of Sharjah to be as digitally mature as possible and we know that adaptability, flexibility and a passion for knowledge are key to success for us and anyone. This is what I advise our young graduates to do, because the faster we close the gap in the labor market, the greater the success we will achieve.

Abdullah Abu Sheikh, at Astra Tech, the largest artificial intelligence group in the Middle East, explained the strategy for recruiting skills that serve 150 million users on a daily basis. , we focus on his skills rather than his qualifications and academic degrees, stressing the importance of using skills.” Gentle.

He explained that an individual’s IQ doesn’t change much over time, but emotional intelligence is a skill that can be acquired and developed, and some may believe that soft skills aren’t necessary in life if you get an academic degree. That is not true.

In turn, Dan Metcalf emphasized the importance of soft skills in the labor market, such as learning how to talk to others and persuasion and communication for teamwork success, business owners complain about the same phenomena that come to young people. Their technical skills and qualifications make it impossible for many of them to communicate and behave appropriately in the workplace. And to adopt appropriate appointments or uniforms, he points to the possibility of treating these phenomena with what he calls “training on the job”. It also requires good leadership who believes it is their responsibility to help nurture the next generation and not waste time, energy and money on training alone.

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