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Emirates News Agency – The Ministry of Health issues a statement on the “Marburg” virus after it spread to Tanzania and Guinea.


DUBAI, April 4 / WAM / The Ministry of Health and Social Security issued a statement on the virus that causes “Marburg” hemorrhagic fever, advising the public to pay attention to the dangers of this virus after Arab countries recommended their citizens. The current spread of the virus to Tanzania and Equatorial Guinea necessitates postponing travel.Also, all precautions and procedures are being taken in accordance with international health standards to contain it in the current geographical scope. He mentioned that the current situation in these countries is being monitored to know the development of the disease and its severity globally.

The Ministry confirmed that these measures are precautionary measures to ensure the safety of the public with the aim of spreading health awareness in the country.

The ministry advised travelers to postpone travel to countries where the “Marburg” virus has spread, except for emergencies.

The ministry also urged people to wash their hands regularly with soap and water, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if they are not available, and avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth. Hands are clean before touching the face.

The ministry recommended that travelers from these countries isolate themselves from others, go to health facilities or emergency departments in hospitals, and inform medical staff that they have traveled to an area where the Marburg virus is endemic. People who are infected or have symptoms for up to 21 days.

He advised the need to accurately study and follow the preventive measures issued by the Ministry of Health and Social Security and the health authorities of the country, and not to spread rumors or any information not published by the official authorities. Epidemiological surveillance system in the country and coordinated coordination between Ministry of Health and Ministry of Social Security and health authorities.

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Marburg virus disease is a rare but serious hemorrhagic fever known to be life-threatening and affecting human health. It is an animal-based RNA virus that is transmitted from animals to humans in closed environments such as tunnels or bat caves.

Symptoms of the disease are sudden and include fever, chills, headache and muscle aches. Chest pain and sore throat may also occur. Symptoms become increasingly severe and include jaundice, severe weight loss and other symptoms.

Mustafa Badr al-Din / Halimah al-Shamsi

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