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This is how you protect iPhone battery with iOS 16.4 update


HomelandA few days ago, Apple started rolling out iOS 16.4 for iPhone users and this version includes improvements, security updates and some new features.

The most important of these features are; Quarantine phone calls, add 31 new emojis and more.

But after every iOS update, some iPhone users complain that the battery power drains quickly, while some find that the battery life has improved.

If you are facing the problem of low battery power on iPhone after iOS 16.4 update, here are some tips to help you overcome this problem:

Wait for some time
It’s normal for you to notice a decrease in battery power after installing a new iOS update; Because iPhones need to perform many tasks after being updated.

It consumes more power than usual, but battery life returns to normal after all additional tasks are completed.

Update applications
The problem may not lie with iOS itself, but with a particular app that appeared after an iOS update, and a fresh update from the app may be the solution to the problem.

So after updating the operating system it is better to update all the apps installed on your phone. To do this, follow these steps:

Open the App Store app and tap your account picture in the top-right corner.
Scroll down to the list of apps installed on your phone.
Next to the app that gets the latest update, you’ll see an Update button.
Click on it to refresh the app.
Check how apps affect battery power
If you experienced rapid battery drain before the update and the problem persists after installing iOS 16.4 and updating all apps, an app may be draining your battery.

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You can select it by following these steps:

Go to Settings app.
Select the battery.
You will see a page with a lot of data and an option called Battery usage by app.
To go through the activity by app, tap it, which shows how much power each app uses while running and in the background.
This information can be used to identify a battery-draining app, an app that consumes a lot of power while running in the background.

Check battery health
If you haven’t replaced your phone’s battery before 4 years, the battery’s maximum capacity may have decreased significantly, resulting in faster battery life.

You can check this by following these steps:

Open the Settings app.
Then select Battery.
Click on Battery Health & Charging option.
Check the maximum capacity of the battery.
If it’s less than 80%, it’s probably the battery draining fast and not the new iOS 16.4 update.

Wait for the next iOS update
There is no problem with the battery or apps but if you are facing low battery issue after installing the new update then all you have to do is until Apple releases a new update to fix the problem.

Apple updates each update to include fixes for issues that appeared in the previous update.

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