June 6, 2023

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Emirates News Agency – Zayed’s committed people at the top organization implement the “do good” initiative

– On the occasion of “Sayed Humanitarian Work Day”, Saeed High Organization and ADNOC Distribution distribute food to break the fast.

ABU DHABI, 9th April, 2020 (WAM) — The Zayed High Organization for Resilient People, on the occasion of the Zayed Humanitarian Work Day, implemented a “Do Good” initiative to distribute food to fasting people at two petrol stations. With the participation of 20 students from ADNOC Distribution and Emirates Red Crescent Authority, ensuring their contribution to various social affairs and voluntary participation and demonstrating a spirit of giving to the people committed.

The initiative was held at two ADNOC stations in Abu Dhabi, Rabtan Station in Al Mushriab area and Rabtan Station on Abu Dhabi Musafa Road.

Zayed Higher organization affirmed that committed people are an important part of society and volunteered for their contribution and giving to this humanitarian work; He said: The Foundation appreciates and is proud of the participation of its employees in this initiative and the distribution of food for breaking the fast in collaboration with ADNOC Distribution and Emirates Red Crescent Authority. , we at the Foundation are honored to bear his beloved name and feel even more honored and proud of it.

The Foundation appreciated the goal of this initiative and thanked ADNOC Distribution, Red Crescent Authority and those responsible for this initiative for their cooperation, which seeks to instill good morals and love for good deeds in the hearts of various employees. Committed groups of people and encourage them to participate in voluntary and humanitarian work, whose noble mission is to care for them, rehabilitate them and work to integrate them into power and society.

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Mustafa Badr al-Din / Khatoon al-Nuwais