June 6, 2023

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Professional theft without fingerprints..They robbed an “Apple” store by punching a hole in the nearby bathroom.

They stole 436 devices worth about $500,000

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In the details of a professional and complex robbery, thieves broke through the bathroom wall of a coffee machine shop adjacent to an “Apple” store in Seattle, USA, and looted the popular store’s spare parts, which helped them steal semi-precious products. million dollars.

The Lynnwood Police Department in Washington state reported that thieves stole more than 400 devices worth a total of $500,000 from the Apple Store at Alderwood Mall.

“Approximately 436 Apple devices were removed from the back lot,” Lynnwood Police Department communications director Maren McKay said in a statement Wednesday.

“So far, no fingerprints have been found, and people entered wearing masks,” he said, adding, “No arrests have been made, but investigators are currently looking for any clues.”

According to a report by “USA Today” newspaper, the official indicated that the crime appeared to be an organized and complex process.

For his part, the owner of the espresso machine shop said he’s never seen anything like it in the five years the shop has been in business.

“The thieves cut a 24″ by 18″ hole in the back room wall of the Apple Store,” said Eric Marks, regional manager of the Seattle coffee shop. “I’m surprised that we were the conduit that gave thieves access to Apple.”

“A break-in costs the shop about $2,000 to repair,” he added.

Apple store employees didn’t know the items were stolen until they went to work the next day.

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