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Emirates News – Dubai reports 6,388 sales transactions worth $ 14.79 billion in June 2021


DUBAI, July 25, 2021 (WAM) – The Dubai real estate sector recorded 6,388 sales transactions worth $ 14.79 billion in June 2021, according to the 16th edition of Dubai Sales Pricing Index.

This is the highest sales value in eight years, officials said.

Sales in June 2021 were 44.33% higher and 33.2% higher compared to May 2021.

The base year for Mosher is 2012, the base quarter for the quarterly index is 2012, and the base month for the monthly index is January 2012. As of June 2021, the overall monthly index is 1.07 and the one-digit AED is 1,009,593, the monthly apartment code is 1.088 and the AED 904,920 is the price index, and the monthly Villa / House Index is the registered city’s 1.013 and 1,822,343 AED price index.

In the second quarter of 2021, the overall quarterly index stood at 1.108, the AED 1,023,552 at the price index, the quarterly apartment index at 1,118, the AED at 927,442, the quarter villas / townhouses at 1.076 and the AED at 1,880. .

The results for June 2021, excluding the number of sales transactions reached 4,824 in April and 4,426 in May, led to a profitable second quarter, recording the highest quarterly sales turnover since the fourth quarter of 2013, with 15,638 AED worth 36.86 billion sales in the first 20 years. It is 33.26% higher than the quarter and 46.76% higher in value.

This brings the total for AED 61.97 billion to 27,373 sales transactions this year. With this in mind, AED saw a total of 35,041 sales transactions in 2020, valued at $ 71.87 billion.

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This confirms the sustainability of the high growth rate of performance of the real estate sector in 2021, officials said.

Compared to real estate sales transactions June 2021 and Q2 2021 compared to the same periods in 2020 and 2019, the market has achieved significant growth and COVID-19 is accelerating the growth of the real estate industry.

The key areas of interest in terms of villa / townhouse sales transactions in Q2 2021 are Mohammed bin Rashid City, Dubai Hills Estate, Dubai Land, Green Community and Town Square, according to the property inventor’s proprietary claim data.

As for apartments during the same period, Jumeirah Lake, Dubai Marina, Maiden, Jumeirah Village Circle and the Towers of Dubai City were of interest.

Translated by: Mervat Mahmood.

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