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Masterpieces in Clay.. “Check” by 35 Artists


For its 11th edition in the Al Fahidi Historic Neighborhood, the Sikka Art and Design Festival offers an opportunity to explore masterpieces of ceramics and clay and their artistic applications, exhibited in a group exhibition organized by the Al Jalila Children’s Cultural Center. In the “Ceramic House”, as part of the participation in the activities of the festival, which will last until the fifth of May. This March.

The rooms of the “Ceramic House” are filled with various ceramic and sculptural works, presented by 35 artists from various art schools in the Emirates and around the world, as the group exhibition emerged as they inspire the visions they express through their works. An invitation to the festival’s audience to explore clay and ways of manipulating it as a means of design and expression.

“Ceramic House” curator, Kamal Al-Joabi, said, “The exhibition presents a variety of artistic visions that highlight the aesthetics of sculpture and ceramics.” He added, “The exhibition includes various murals, installation works and sculptural pieces that represent part of the productions of the Ceramic Studio, located in the creative Al Quoz region, these pieces show the diversity of their artistic styles. And colors,” “Ceramic House” under its roof. Collecting studios: “Manual”, “Oka”, “Mad House” and “House of Mud”, in addition to the venerable children’s culture.

And he continued, “Through this exhibition we seek to shed light on the ceramic arts in Dubai and their development and the studios that follow this art. We aim to showcase their creativity in front of the largest possible segment of society.”

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Paintings and Sculptures

The group exhibition includes the artwork “Vessels and Cups”, ceramic pieces that are the result of a collaboration between Emirati potter Amal Thani and his brother artist Rashid Thani. Emirati Madar Al Suwadi with two works: “Pottery with Madar” and “The Spirit.” Artist Nora Zuma presented a collection of paintings and sculptures titled “B”. Artist Shamza Juma participated in her ceramic work titled “Peace be with you”. It consists of four sections that exemplify the aesthetics of Islamic calligraphy.

French artist Alison Laducère will participate in the exhibition with her sculpture “The White Body”, and in addition to her artwork “Exterior 1-2-3-4”, she tried to handle the intensity and brightness of black. Indian Anisha Ray participates in “Ceramic House” with four works “Desert Elixir”, “Dance of Sun and Sand”, “Breeze” and “The Shifting Sands”, which represent the unique beauty of the Arabian desert. .

From Pakistan, artist Anila Ashraf appeared with her work “The Tractor of the Moon” which was characterized by serenity and dynamism. Jordanian Ayman Azzam will present his painting “The Earth” and Australian Bruin Houry will participate with his work “Beauty or Comfort” and “Amkora Endurance and Opportunity” with the icon he created for the celebrations of the United Arab Emirates. 51st Union Day.


British artist Candice Shediac, with her work “It’s OK”, was inspired by the different paths of our lives and the aesthetics of nature, and the Turkish Seren Senpark sculpture “Back to Nature”, while different visions of the world. Brazilian Carolina Calvao’s “Rustico Vase” formed the core of the work, in addition to two works by Turkish Ceda Karasu, namely: “A Strange View” and “A Lonely Companion”.

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The Englishman, Dana Kamal, exhibited his ceramic sculpture, “All this shall pass,” and the French, Isabelle Dufour, participated in her “Tableware and Mugs,” while the “Ceramic Shino” piece appeared as a unified work. By Irishman Joseph McGiver.

Notably, Al Jalila Center for Children’s Culture is participating in the “Sikad for Art and Design” with a packed program of activities and interactive workshops.

Kamal Al-Subi:

• “The exhibition includes murals, installation works and sculptural pieces that represent a part of the production of ceramic studios, which are based in (Al Quoz Creative).”


The “Ceramic House” group exhibition includes other works highlighting the creativity of artists: Canadian Samar Hijazi, Jordanian Sherin Shalhoub, Iraqi Taher Ahmed Al-Qaisi, French Valérie Vincent and Karen Legay, and Sudanese Amani Badr.

Canadian Pretty Bhawani presented her work “The Joy of the Manual Man” and French Reem Saxoque called for the need to appreciate and appreciate nature and the beauty of flowers with her “Beautiful Nature” sculpture, while Pakistani Sadaf Amar was inspired. His creation is from the hardwood saga tree, an ancient symbol of nature.

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