June 7, 2023

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In Dubai, Axerois After El Padou returns to the saddle for a new challenge

It was not planned, but Abd al-Padui will be touring the United Arab Emirates by bike. On May 15, Axerrois set sail on its engine as it crossed ten countries to reach the Eiffel Tower in Paris and later the Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai.

But Equinois Stopped at the Iranian border And joined the flight to Abu Dhabi. Then, at the airport, to save a ten-day isolation, he decided to reach Dubai by taxi. He reached his goal on June 26, so he found a way to make up for the planned ceremonies and the kilometers he did not use in Iran.

“There’s a Moroccan adventurer like me from Saudi Arabia, here! He volunteered to do seven Emirates tours with me. Afterwards explains the image.

Create a complete file without any worries. So, we’re waiting for a while.

So while respecting health measures, here is a new adventure to prepare. “In Abu Dhabi, we have to do a PCR test; in Dubai, no, it’s different in every city. We have to go through many cities, so we are committed to creating a complete file without any problems. So, we’re waiting for a while. I think so. I believe so! ā€¯After El Paduo launched on Wednesday, July 7th.

May 15: Pictures of the Axerois Aftermarket departure for the Axerois-Paris-Dubai bike ride

He had time to relax, and his bike is in excellent condition to cope with this new advanced challenge. “There are no mountains, it’s flat, it’s by the sea, it describes Axerois. The desert running parallel to Saudi Arabia is a bit complicated. It’s not a demanding circuit. However, the heat is terrible.”

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Once this trip is over and promised, he will return to Oxer. “I miss my little family!” He agrees.

June 3: “My body begins to transform”: departed on an Axer bike on May 15, Aberl Padoui is in Serbia

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