May 28, 2023

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Emirati academic responds to accusations pointing to his country’s “support” for a military party in Sudan

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Emirati academic Abdul Khaliq Abdullah has responded to allegations of his country’s “support” for a military party in Sudan after clashes between the Sudanese armed forces and the Rapid Support Forces. “Allegations that reached the level of insanity.”

This came in a tweet by the Emirati academic on his Twitter page, in which he said: “The UAE is chasing false accusations of supporting a military party in the Sudan conflict. The accusations amount to madness and indicate mental illness. A conspiracy mind to slander its owner and create false facts, emirates big and small. The name is also tempting.I suggest you consult your nearest doctor who treats their psychological problems and chronic anxiety.

Abdullah’s tweet comes as clashes between the Sudanese army and “rapid support” forces in several residential areas of Bahri city in northern Khartoum have renewed, witnesses told CNN on Wednesday evening. The two rival factions agreed to another 24-hour ceasefire, effective at 6pm local time on Wednesday.

It is noteworthy that the ambassadors of the Quartet countries (Saudi Arabia – United Arab Emirates – United Kingdom – United States) called on both sides of the conflict in Sudan for a ceasefire in a statement. A return to negotiations, a commitment to protect civilians, diplomatic missions and humanitarian workers, and to provide safe passage. for humanitarian operations, the official Saudi Press Agency reported.

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