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Türkiye calls on Tunisian authorities to “reconsider the decision” to imprison Ghannouchi.


Thursday – 29 Ramadan 1444 AH – April 20, 2023 AD

Ankara: Sayed Abdel Razek

Turkey has expressed its concern over the imprisonment of Tunisian officials, with Rashid Khannouchi, head of the Tunisian “Ennahda movement”, demanding a “reconsideration of the decision”. Today (Thursday), the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement, “Such attitudes towards politicians representing different sections of society are not beneficial to domestic peace in Tunisia,” affirming its confidence in the success of the democratic transition process in Tunisia. , if it is implemented on a consensual basis.” It is broad and inclusive of all sections of society.
And he stressed, “Turkey will continue to contribute to the peace, prosperity and well-being of fraternal and friendly Tunisia, as it has done until today.”
In turn, Turkish Parliament Speaker Mustafa Shantup said he was following “the news of Kannouchi’s imprisonment and detention with concern and closeness”. In a tweet via Twitter, he noted that the political struggle “must be between politicians and through political methods,” adding that Ghannouchi was “the most important Tunisian figure in the struggle for democracy and human rights in Tunisia.”
Shandoub expressed hope that he would “recover from this mistake, which is against the constitution and laws of the brotherly Tunisian people.”
Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said, “The imprisonment of Rashid Khannouchi by Tunisian authorities, the head of the Ennahda party and the speaker of the dissolved parliament, is a disturbing development that undermines the democratic process.”
Kalin expressed via Twitter his belief that the decision “will not contribute to the peace and stability of Tunisia”.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has confirmed that he will continue his contacts with Tunisian authorities and speak to them to express his concerns about Ghannouchi’s arrest. We have been able to get in touch with the authorities in Tunisia by phone, but we will continue.” We will try to reach them and if we can talk to them, we will tell them that we do not see the matter right.
Ghannouchi (81 years old) was arrested on Monday evening, the day after his statements, in which he said, “There is an intellectual and ideological obstacle to establishing a civil war in Tunisia … Do not portray Tunisia without one party or the other, without Tunisia. A renaissance, without political Islam. Tunisia, Tunisia.” Left or without any element, this is a plan for civil war, in fact it is a crime.

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