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Emirati families collaborate on housing projects


Emirati families have started housing projects with the participation of all family members, so as part of the National Ezraka project launched by the Ajman Business Women’s Board of Directors, the mother carries out the production process and the children promote the products through “social media”. .

Amna Khalifa Al Ali, chairwoman of the Ajman Business Women’s Board of Directors, said the “family economy” aims to enhance the strategic role of the UAE’s Fifty Projects among productive families by transforming the local community from consumers. The role of a producer and the Emirati family and its economic power and support in developing family economic plans and transforming individual ideas into family plans.

Ishraq, Salem Hassan al-Kafri, economic adviser to the national program, said the council has set five conditions for participation in the national program, namely participants in the program are citizens of the country, from the same family or first-degree relationship, and project owners must be at least 21 years old. Participants must be under 21 years of age to obtain business approval from the relevant authorities, and this program provides an innovative service or product with an idea for an existing project or project, and participant is obligated to attend 90% of field visits and training workshops.

Criteria for selecting the best plans, commitment, communication skills and time management, along with the ability to manage funds, use innovation and project sustainability.

Four criteria are set to evaluate applicants’ applications for the program, namely he gets 100 degrees on the competency criteria, 300 on the professional criteria, 300 on the innovation criteria, and 300 on the business results criteria. The project aims at the digital economy, innovation, artificial intelligence and health care and food security.

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He said the council would offer incentives for projects including marketing their projects through social media sites and conducting training workshops for candidates covering consulting features including financial, legal and economic advice, spatial data and talent discovery. Expo 2020 has visited Dubai, in addition to the Ajman Entrepreneurship and other innovative projects headquarters in the multi-industry center in the Emirate of Ajman.

Dr. Amna Khalifa Al Ali, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ajman Entrepreneurs, said that the national program aims at the economic development of Emirati families and the transformation of individual ideas into programs in which all family members participate. It is working to develop the program into one of the pioneering projects in the country, with its first session last year, receiving 220 people and providing them with food safety, health care and training workshops and workshops. Water.

For his part, Wafa Hassan al-Shamsi, director of the Department of Social Happiness at the Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi Charitable Foundation, assured that the orphans section will empower them in all spheres and enhance their role in the community and provide for them. Allocating sites to showcase their products, with a decent living, financial aid and their involvement in special events. In addition to providing jobs in the Ajman Police and Ajman, the Foundation has also supported 250 families who have orphaned children by providing material support and marketing their household goods by providing kiosks to sell their wares in collaboration with competent officers. Department of Civil Defense. Some families engage in the production of household items within home use programs, where the mother carries out the manufacturing process and promotes advertising with the aim of promoting the sale of products on a large scale through social networking sites for children. All family members in the process of production and promotion.

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Achieving self-sufficiency

Tarifa Al-Safi, Executive Director General of the International Center for Biosoline Agriculture (ACPA), said the center provides support to project owners in advisory aspects and acts as a link between project owners and international markets. Research and investigation services on the object and value of the project and ways to increase its productivity and legalize the use of water and achieve self-sufficiency in agricultural products.

He explained that some women have grown a variety of food items in their homes in order to become self-sufficient, and with the contribution of family members as a kind of support for home projects, they sell extra consumption by advertising it on social media.

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