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Kazakhstan invites entrepreneurs in Dubai to invest


The Consul General of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Dubai, Ravan Komabek, explained to the businessmen what, and to what extent, the investment opportunities and benefits available in the Republic of Kazakhstan and what constitutes a great and successful global model for rapid growth. Kazakhstani cities can benefit from this growth in the business and investment sectors in general.

This happened yesterday morning at the headquarters of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in the presence of groups of investors, traders and media, during a meeting organized as part of diplomatic meetings with the aim of introducing key and future sectors and sectors. economy.

The meeting was coordinated in collaboration with Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry to invite businessmen as part of coordination of efforts to ensure the success of business trips organized by the Chamber for investors to Central Asian countries including Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. , from the fifteenth to the nineteenth of March.

The Consul General of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Dubai, Ravan Komabek, welcomed the participants and emphasized the interest of the Kazakh government to open future partnership opportunities for the business community in the UAE and its affiliates in Kazakhstan in all areas of investment within the political framework. and the economic processes that Kazakhstan wants to promote investments, indicating the willingness of the Consulate to implement projects in Kazakhstan and provide necessary information in the field of investment to businessmen in the Emirates in general and Dubai in particular.

Exchange of Representatives

During the meeting, they touched upon promoting the exchange of trade representatives and discussions in the fields of export and economy and supporting follow-up visits for this purpose, as well as coordination to establish and expand an economic network that facilitates circulation. Besides participating in economic events, exhibitions and conferences, exchanging trade data and statistics and implementing joint research activities, there are business opportunities for both countries.

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During the meeting, the businessmen showed great interest in expanding their partnership business in the Central Asian region, especially in Kazakhstan. They raised many issues related to legislative, financial and banking aspects and ways to invest in all sectors.

The Consul General of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Dubai, Rowan Komabek, gave answers to the questions posed in the presence of the representative of the United Arab Emirates, “Kazazinvest” JSC, and gave a detailed explanation of the economic environment.

Explore the possibilities

The embassy stressed the importance of these meetings, which provide an opportunity for the business community to strengthen the close relations between the UAE and the Republic of Kazakhstan and create an additional area of ​​cooperation and integration between the two sides. Explore investment opportunities in several key sectors characteristic of the two friendly countries.

He stressed the signing of the agreement to continue cooperation and the joint implementation of concrete measures with Dubai trade and industry and businessmen to achieve positive returns from the visit to Kazakhstan.

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