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“Emiratization” introduces job opportunities to students and graduates in the health sector


The Ministry of Human Resources and Immigration has organized a virtual session for students and graduates to introduce them to the importance of working in the private sector and encourage them to participate in the “Health Programme” offered by the National Talent Competitiveness Council “Nafis”. ”, in cooperation with several national academic institutions, should be part of the first line of defense “medical unit”.

About 500 male and female citizens from high school and university students, job seekers and many consultants attended the session, which was the first of the “Nefe Talks” sessions, through video communication technology, “Be an active part of our first line of defense – the health sector.” .” experts in different universities.

The introductory session focused on educating the targeted citizens on the importance of working in the private sector and encouraging them to participate in the “Health Plan”.

The session was moderated by Wedad Al-Shamlan, Director of the Ministry’s Vocational Guidance Department, and was attended by Dr. Adel Saeed Sajwani, Family Medicine Consultant at Faqi University Hospital and Director of Nursing Quality Management at Barjeel. Medical City, Khadija Hassan Al-Amasi, and with the participation of many officials and interested parties.

At the start of the session, Al-Shamlan emphasized the importance of working in the private sector and the promising job opportunities it offers to the Emirati workforce. Strengthening the labor market with Emirati workforce in various healthcare specialties.

He mentioned the set of quality benefits that the “Health Plan” provides to the target citizens, as it provides 2,000 free scholarships, and monthly bonuses and job offers after meeting the requirements and fulfilling the necessary conditions.

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Dr. For his part, Adel Sajwani reviewed the importance of working and investing in the medical and healthcare sector, as it is an integrated and disciplined work system that includes dozens of different jobs. There is sustainability in these jobs led by Emirati human resources.

Sajwani stressed the importance of the “Health Plan” introduced by “Nafis” because of the support and support it provides and the real benefits that young citizens have to exploit, the health sector has proved its importance during the spread of the Corona epidemic. , and pointed out the important and significant humanitarian and professional role played by various medical institutions in the first line of defense medical teams.

In response to the interventions of the youth and participants, Sajwani emphasized the importance of using the support opportunities offered by the UAE government to citizens of secondary and university students to join the health sector, pointing out the qualitative advantages of working in the private sector. In terms of competitiveness and speed of professional development, this makes it very attractive to offer exceptional opportunities for career advancement.

At the beginning of her intervention, Khadijah Al-Amassi reviewed the different stages of her studies and how she was able to complete her undergraduate and graduate studies, stressing that her love for nursing was a very humanitarian profession. Participating in her academic and career success and striving and helping her face challenges.

He pointed out the importance of the multi-specialty nursing profession as a fundamental pillar in the medical and health system that cannot be neglected or ignored, stressing that the health sector offers both male and female citizens wonderful opportunities and promising future prospects. Read and then work on it. In his responses to the interventions of the youth and participants, Al-Amasi explained the need for them to take advantage of the positive opportunities offered by the health program, especially when it is carried out in collaboration with reputable educational institutions. An exceptional opportunity not to be ignored.

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At the end of the session, Wedad Al-Shamlan called on citizens, students and job seekers to quickly register to join the “Health Plan” before August 14 to take advantage of the exceptional educational benefits and the package of quality job opportunities it offers. .

How to enroll in the program

The Ministry of Human Resources and Citizens said that female citizens and male citizens can register for the health program by selecting the required educational institution by clicking on the link on the “Bio” page of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization in the community of the Ministry. media sites (https://linktr.ee/mohreThe website of the “Nafis” initiative, in addition to the initiative’s pages on social networking sites, allows registration in the program.

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