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“Energy and Infrastructure” by 2023… Ambitious Achievements to Enhance UAE's Development Process



January 2, 2024

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“Energy and Infrastructure” by 2023… Ambitious Achievements to Enhance UAE's Development Process

Abu Dhabi/WAM
The energy and infrastructure sector achieved quality achievements in 2023, reflecting the UAE's global leadership and its continuous efforts to keep pace with rapid developments and meet future needs, by launching ambitious initiatives and investing in modern and advanced technology. The UAE is leading Century 2071 towards a more sustainable future by renewing policies and strategies that contribute to improving efficiency and sustainability and improving infrastructure, adapting to advanced and future trends and the vision of “We Emirates 2031”.
Among the ambitious achievements, the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure worked on 7 transformative projects by 2023, which achieved an exceptional number of targets in the energy, infrastructure, transport and housing sectors.
The UAE has made qualitative progress in the pace of energy transition, confirming its efforts, commitment and momentum in transitioning to green and clean energy.
It has worked on several policies and laws to expand the spread of renewable energy sources, including legislation to connect distributed renewable energy systems to the power grid, allowing people to generate and reduce electricity from renewable energy sources. In addition to the plan to develop the UAE Energy Strategy 2050, energy demand from distribution networks during peak hours, to ensure a balanced and sustainable achievement of energy supply security at a reasonable cost, and to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. In its first phase, it aims to reduce emissions to achieve climate neutrality in the electricity and water sector by 2050 and eliminate the percentage of clean coal's contribution to the mix to 0%. Energy, ensuring state leadership in achieving climate goals. Neutrality by 2050, increasing individual and corporate consumption efficiency by 42% – 45% over 2019, tripling the share of renewable energy by 2030 and increasing the total installed capacity of clean energy from 14.2 GW. 19.8 GW in 2030, increasing the share of clean energy installed capacity in the total energy mix to 30% by 2030, and increasing the share of clean energy generation to 32% by 2030 to mitigate climate change impacts.
The Ministry also launched the National Hydrogen Strategy, which aims to support local low-emission industries, contribute to achieving climate neutrality and promote and achieve global leadership in the field of hydrogen production by 2031.
The strategy focuses on 10 enablers, and identifies key steps the UAE will take to accelerate the development of the hydrogen economy and reduce emissions in emission-intensive sectors.
The Ministry revealed details of the UAE's fifth National Communication Report, which is a comprehensive assessment of the country's commitment to sustainable development and a review of ongoing and pioneering efforts and Sustainable Development Goals in its journey into climate action. The United Nations, and it reflects the progress the UAE is following in its journey to achieve its goals of achieving climate neutrality by 2050 in a fair and transparent manner.
In 2023, a common policy for sustainable aviation fuel was launched, which is in line with the country's position and commitment to addressing the challenges of climate change and strategic objectives to achieve national sustainability goals. Carbon Footprint of Aviation Industry.
It aims to accelerate the decarbonisation of the aviation sector in the country and make the UAE a regional hub for low-carbon aviation fuel, with a target of at least 1% percentage of sustainable aviation fuel from total fuel. Sustainable air transport from UAE airports to national airlines by 2031, while improving fuel efficiency and producing 700 million liters annually by 2031.
With support from the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, Sharjah-based Bea Group and Lohome have announced details of a collaboration to establish a facility specializing in the recycling of electric vehicle batteries. Its flexibility by recycling batteries on a commercial scale.
The Ministry and the Environment Agency – launched the first hydrogeological map of Abu Dhabi Emirate, an exceptional achievement in the field of documenting and managing water resources. A digital window to the first specialized platform “EARTH” concerned by providing a comprehensive system measuring five key axes: economy, adaptation and flexibility, emission reduction, energy sector transformation and health and working in an integrated manner, decision-makers and stakeholders on the Ministry's progress and initiatives in related sectors and future It helps to examine the level of its commitment to the goals.
It also launched a transformative plan for the global electric car market, including an ambitious plan and national plan to transform the UAE into a global market for electric cars, with the aim of reducing the carbon footprint of the transport sector and promoting change. The Green Movement, meanwhile, aims to increase the share of electric and hybrid vehicles to 50% of total vehicles.
The Joint Committee on Safety and Security is represented by the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure and the Civil Defense General Command of the Ministry of Interior, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company “ADNOC”, Emirates General Petroleum Corporation “Emirate” and Emirates. For the fourth year in a row, National Oil Company “ENOC” has launched their joint national awareness campaign for safety and security at petrol stations. Fuel for the summer of 2023 under the slogan “Five for your safety”.
The Federal Roads Energy Management Program was launched in 2023, which aims to improve the UAE's position in the field of energy efficiency, sustainable development and support for a cleaner environment and climate action. Modern lighting units with “Sodium” system “LED” technology. Through monitoring and control center and artificial intelligence applications, in addition to applications that control lighting intensity according to traffic movement and natural lighting.
A national road map aimed at making the buildings and construction sector emission-free was also developed and launched, contributing to the preparation of policies and strategies that support sustainable urban development, reducing emissions and achieving efficiency in the use of resources.
As a proactive measure to address future climate change risks, the Ministry has begun preparing a study on future sea-level rise and its impact on the UAE's coastlines and infrastructure, including infrastructure. Protect them and support their resilience by developing intelligent predictive maps of the country's coastal areas in coordination with local authorities. Concerned at the state level including municipalities, ports and others.
The Ministry continued its efforts by introducing the National Building Regulations for the UAE, which include flexible sustainability guidelines for new building and road projects, housing, operation and maintenance, and an enterprise sustainability guide. % and reduction of maintenance and operation costs by not less than 20%. Current costs, reducing water consumption by no less than 30%, burying waste from construction projects by no less than 50% by volume or weight, reducing embodied carbon emissions by no less than 5% in projects, and other targets that support government guidelines for reducing emissions.
The ministry opened the intersection of Emirates Road with Khor Fakkan Road “Al Barashi”, which marks the second phase of the expansion of Emirates Road, which facilitates traffic and ensures its flow from central areas and cities and parts of the East Coast. All the emirates of the country are via the Emirates Road axis.
The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, in collaboration with the Office of the President and the Emirates School Education Foundation, implemented 6 educational campuses under the “Zayed Education Campuses” program, as ordered by President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. State, “God save him.” It is considered one of the largest educational programs in the UAE. This translates into its established approach to investing in people.
Building on its pioneering role, a transformative project called “National Infrastructure Project, Salama 365” has been launched, which deals with safety and interactive smart warning systems and implements innovative solutions to address black spots on central roads. The country, and implements the Emirati model for safe, pedestrian-friendly crossings with the latest smart technologies to maintain the safety of its users. From various categories, using modern technologies, it creates a digital and interactive system to predict floods before they occur. It also aims to improve the safety of students in the school community by maintaining the safety of individuals, implementing a smart and secure school model.
To improve the transport system, the ministry announced an amendment to the federal law regulating the weight and dimensions of heavy vehicles using the country's roads. 65 tonnes has been approved as the maximum weight for these vehicles and trucks. on the roads, and the duties of operators of heavy vehicles, whether they are owners or lessees, and a supervisory authority responsible for determining the powers of officers, implementing surveillance procedures, recording violations and related corrective and preventive measures.
The efforts of the Ministry of Energy and Quality Infrastructure have won 56 awards in the last three years, including 10 awards in the last year 2023, which are prestigious regional and international awards, thereby continuing its glorious path and ambitious achievements. The global leadership of the United Arab Emirates and its goals for the next fifty years, in addition to obtaining 18 certificates of compliance with the international standard ISO by 2023.

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