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Engagement dresses in metallic colors for 2022 brides

Engagement dresses in metallic colors for 2022 brides

Cairo – Voice of the Emirates

Every bride is looking for the most beautiful and elegant designs of dresses; To take Engagement dress Suitable for her, which gives her an attractive look; Attracting her attention on the night of the engagement. Also the fashion for metallic colors like silver, gold and bronze was very popular among the designers at the Spring Summer 2022 shows; It is furnished with attractive and elegant designs to suit different tastes by the most popular international houses. In the following lines, he offers you engagement dresses in metallic colors for 2022 brides:

International Lebanese fashion designer Georges Hopeka presented this glamorous dress with a soft feminine design suitable for romantic brides, which is designed in brown with gold and silver. The dress came in a gold metallic fabric over a shoulder top, with a long, fluffy A-line skirt, embroidered in silver and gold tulle, while the lining came in a light brown, eye-catching feminine design.

With a bold and attractive design, this modern dress, designed in metallic silver fabric, was presented by Alexandre Vaudier, with a sleeveless top with short straps and a rugged blouse, while the skirt came in a fairytale design, with different length fringes in modernity. Style. Follow the trend of padded shoulders and first sleeves more

Alexis Maple presented glamorous designs of engagement dresses in metallic colors for the 2022 bride. We loved this dress design with gold and silver combination, sleeveless top, embroidered with 3D flowers in silver, gold and pink, with gold metal. Folding skirt; It came with a long A-line design; For a very elegant look for the bride.

With an eye-catching design, Dior presented this model of an elegant dress in tulle embroidered with beads and shiny silver crystals. In a line design, the dress is designed with a maxi skirt with side pockets and a fitted cape top. For the most luxurious and elegant look for the bride on the engagement night.

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