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“Global health” reverses previous estimates of the origin of the corona


More than two years after the emergence of the corona virus in China and the resulting worldwide death toll of at least 6.3 million, the World Health Organization recommends a more in-depth investigation in its strongest terms. If a lab accident is thrown, blame it for the explosion.

This situation marks a sharp setback from the United Nations Health Organization’s initial assessment of the origin of the epidemic, and many critics have accused the WHO of being too quick to reject or underestimate the laboratory leak theory that would put Chinese authorities on the defensive..

The World Health Organization last year concluded that the leak of COVID-19 from a laboratory to humans in Wuhan was “highly unlikely”..

Many scientists believe the virus was transmitted from bats to humans, possibly through another animal.

However, in a report released on Thursday, a team of WHO experts said “basic data” to explain how the epidemic began could not be found..

The panel of scientists said it would be “open to all available scientific evidence in the future to allow for a comprehensive examination of all reasonable hypotheses”.

It usually takes many years to find the source of the disease in animals. It took more than a decade for scientists to identify the bat species, a natural reservoir of the SARS virus that belongs to the Govit-19 family..

The WHO expert panel also noted that the highly politicized theory could not be ruled out, as laboratory accidents in the past have caused some explosions..

The report may refute the accusations that the WHO initially over-accepted the Chinese government’s interpretation of the outbreak, which eventually killed millions and affected millions, forced the closure of dozens of countries and affected the world economy..

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An Associated Press inquiry found that while WHO praised Chinese President Xi Jinping, some WHO officials were frustrated with China during the initial outburst. They lamented the way China was trying to control research on the origin of COVID-19.

Former US President Donald Trump has repeatedly speculated without evidence that Covit-19 may have originated in a Chinese laboratory. He accused the WHO of “collaborating” with China to cover up the initial explosion, and the WHO continued to give Beijing public praise despite its refusal to share sensitive data..

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