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Ethiopia announces commissioning of second turbine of Renaissance Dam.. Abiy Ahmed invites Egypt and Sudan to talks


On Thursday, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed called on both Egypt and Sudan to resume talks on the Renaissance Dam. This comes shortly after Ethiopia officially announced the commissioning of the second turbine of the Renaissance Dam. The Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation reported that the second turbine at the Renaissance Dam has started generating electricity. Ethiopian Radio Fana reported that the commissioning ceremony for the second turbine took place in the presence of senior government officials.

He said the “ninth unit” of the dam will start generating electricity with a capacity of 270 MW, while the tenth unit is currently generating the same amount of electricity, bringing the total to 540 MW.

Abi Ahmed from the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam website announced, Inauguration ceremony of filling the dam lake for the third time From Kuba region, Benishangul Kemuz region, western Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian News Agency quoted the prime minister as saying that his country “does not intend to harm the developing countries and only wants to meet their electricity needs.” The agency added that Abiy Ahmed called on Egypt and Sudan to hold talks to resolve outstanding issues related to the dam.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed

He also said that downstream countries were not affected as he claimed that 22 billion cubic meters of water was filled in the Renaissance Dam Lake.

It comes in In a letter to the UN Security Council, Egypt warned of widening cracks in the concrete face of the sub-dam. The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance is linked to the dam, which it insists is particularly dangerous because Ethiopia has failed to comply with its obligation to carry out required environmental and socio-economic impact studies.

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Local media reported that the letter sent by Egyptian Irrigation Minister Mohamed Abdel-Atty was dedicated to talking about Ethiopia’s unilateral decision to fill the third fill of the Renaissance Dam.

It also indicated that Egypt has received word of Ethiopia’s intention to unilaterally decide to refill the Grand Renaissance Dam during the current rainy season and to raise the water level to 600 meters downstream of the dam.

The Egyptian Irrigation Minister explained that the decision was taken in the absence of agreement between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia on the rules regarding the filling and operation of the Renaissance Dam, and in complete disregard of the Security Council President’s report. September 2021, and the principles of 2015 are repeated violations of the Declaration.

In his letter, he asserted that the Declaration of Principles Agreement did not specify that the construction and filling of the Renaissance Dam would take place simultaneously, and that there was no ambiguity in the plain meaning of the text of the Agreement. Read in its context and in light of the substance and purpose of the treaty, it actually calls for Ethiopia to enter into a legally binding treaty with Egypt and Sudan. Activities.

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