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Biden “will not back down” on his advice to Putin to step down


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US President Joe Biden refused to back down from his announcement in a keynote address over the weekend on Monday, saying his Russian President Vladimir Putin was expressing “personal anger” and did not intend to overthrow him. Master of the Kremlin.

“I do not apologize,” Biden told reporters at the White House.

“I want to make it clear that policy change was neither then nor now. I expressed moral outrage at Putin’s behavior (…) and I do not apologize for my personal feelings.”

“I have expressed my anger: he should not stay in power, nor should the wicked do evil,” he said, “but that does not mean we need a radical political change.”

The White House chief insisted that “this man’s actions are pure brutality” but that “no one believed I was talking about overthrowing Putin.”

At the end of a keynote address he delivered in Warsaw on Saturday, Biden provoked controversy with some of his improved words, in which he spoke of Putin saying, “For God’s sake, this man cannot be in power!”

The White House quickly clarified the president’s intentions and avoided confusing US efforts to mobilize a united front against Russia in the conflict in Ukraine.

The White House has insisted that Biden did not call for “regime change” in Russia. When asked by reporters on Sunday whether it was his intention, Biden replied, “No.”

However, Biden’s words, which described Putin as a “butcher”, provoked the expected anger from Moscow and came as a surprise to Washington’s allies who did not want to justify any Russian expansion in the Moscow – led war in Ukraine. .

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On Monday, Biden confirmed that he did not “absolutely” believe what he said would cause such an expansion.

When asked what the Russian president might think, Biden replied, “I do not care what he thinks.”

Putin said he would “do what he thinks he should do, point to the line. He will not be harmed by anyone.”

However, the US president did not rule out the possibility of holding a future summit with Putin, saying “it depends on what he wants to discuss!”


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