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Euronews meets Egyptian director Mohamed Diab.  What did he say about the "Moon Night" series and what did he think about "The Choice 3"?

Euronews meets Egyptian director Mohamed Diab. What did he say about the “Moon Night” series and what did he think about “The Choice 3”?

After years of struggle, Egyptian director Mohamed Diab arrived in Hollywood after Marvel Watch sounded its latest production “Moon Night” or Moon Night, which he had always dreamed of. The movie “Engage” came with a group of Abdel Halim Hafiz and Najat al-Zakira and some of the most important names who wrote some of the most amazing novels in the history of Egyptian and Arabic art, so they were creative and creative together.

Towards Hollywood

The beginning of the famous industry .. It was three years ago, Diab, his wife Sarah Coher and his two children (Nellie 10 years old and Jain 4 years old) decided to live in the United States, especially in Michigan. The family moved to Los Angeles, where they currently reside.

Al-Masri, 44, packed his belongings and left. After starting to look for the director of the international production company Marvel, he faced many difficulties and bumps as always in his life until he started “liberation”, so Diab submitted and took all the necessary tests, surprisingly he was selected to direct the Moon Night series, becoming the first Arab and Egyptian .

Commenting on this unique experience, Diab told Euronews, “It was a completely different experience from my previous, simpler, smaller films. .I feel like I graduated from a great school. “

Strong Egyptian presence

Diab commissioned a group of Egyptian youth who put together what Egypt should look like.

Diab confirms to Euronews that a strong Egyptian presence in the group is essential, “because the Egyptian part is so important because the series is generally based on the idea that the hero derives his strength from the ancient Baronic god, and most of the series revolves around Egypt.”

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When he and his wife, Sarah Coher, decided to take the experiments, they gave Marvel a 200-page presentation, with Diab explaining that the multi-page presentation “focused on how to present the true image of Egypt with its culture and taste.” It’s not the way it appears, it’s a desert and a place from time immemorial. “

“The third episode was not filmed in Egypt, but everyone who participated in its completion is delighted and feels like it was filmed in Egypt,” Diab added.

Ramadan series wave

Regarding the waves of series that are shown every year during Ramadan, Diab says due to lack of time, “I have not succeeded in following any series, but I have always been impressed by the effort and hard work offered in the Egyptian language. The series, and the end, “and” if he asked director Steven Spielberg today to run 30 episodes, write the script in 4 months, and run the work in five months, he would not succeed in delivering the result we see today. ”

He continued, “I did not have time to watch The Choice series, but through some videos I watched, I was amazed by the performance of Egyptian actor Yasser Jalal and his ability to play this role. He was successful.

“Amira” is a film shot for the love of Palestine.

“Are you sorry for this job?” Diab replied, “Amira is one of my favorite films. My life.” He sees it, and the judgment of history will be in this work. I love this work of love for Palestine and all those who contributed to the completion of this work. “

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The Amira film raised a very important issue, which was the attempts of Palestinians imprisoned in Israel to get children from their wives through sperm abduction and artificial insemination, which provoked a wave of anger in the Arab world.

Coming to Hollywood

Diab also says about achieving Hollywood and whether he expected to achieve this dream one day, “I knew from day one that I would reach Hollywood, I did not want to say unreasonable words, but yes from day one.” He added, “I believe that all human beings are equal. Only diligence distinguishes one from the other. If I work hard and walk the right path, you will achieve. The student and I are trying to learn from my previous films and mistakes. I know I’m looking forward to reaching out to Hollywood and it will take me to Hollywood.” I know that will go.

My advice to them .. keep your culture

Diab called on Arab filmmakers to adhere to and preserve their culture. It’s okay if you come late but it’s important that you come prepared.

Moon Hero

In the 6-episode series “Moon Night” or Moon Night, American actor and writer Ethan Hawke plays the role of Dr. Arthur Harrow, a scientist and cult leader, in which the American actor plays the Oscar winner from Guatemala, Isaac and Bahraini, a Bahraini actress of Egyptian descent. , Plays Laila.

In addition to Diab, it was co-directed by American film director Justin Benson, cinematographer Aaron Moorehead and actor George Clooney.

The series “Moon Night” revolves around former U.S. Marine Mark Specter, who is known for his identity disorder or identity crisis, and he fights criminals with the power he derives from the “conch”, the “moon god”. Ancient Egyptians.

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