March 30, 2023

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Extensive conversation in the last few hours with the series "Al Kabeer Oi Part 6" .. What is the story?

Extensive conversation in the last few hours with the series “Al Kabeer Oi Part 6” .. What is the story?

A wide range of contacts that are updated daily with the Ramadan series “The Big Oye Part 6”, in the last few hours, search engines and social networking sites have released several events that occurred in its last episode.
Leonardo DiCaprio of Egypt
The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however;
Muhammad Osama appeared in episode 27 of the series, impersonating Leonardo DiCaprio as he prepares to be the guest of honor at the Al-Kabeer Mazarita Film Festival, and saw extensive dialogue with many comedians.
The scenes of the series take place after the old man sees him and suspects him and then orders Fosa to take him to the roundabout to reveal his case, and the chapter ends.
Broad communication .. What is the role of Yasmin Abdel Aziz? ?
At the end of the episode, many fans of the Al Kabeer series commented on the appearance of Muhammad Osama; One of the followers said, “Against the need that comes to me when you buy something online.”…

In the past few hours, the connection has increased when the famous Egyptian artist Yasmin Abdel Aziz released a video clip of Al-Kabeer Owen’s conversation with the character of Leonardo DiCaprio and commented on the video “Makki Al-Asal”.

It is worth noting that the series “Al Kabeer Away 6” is strongly competing with one of the most important comedies in this year’s Ramadan drama race, especially after the success of the previous five episodes.
In this series, many stars are participating under the leadership of artist Ahmed Makki, and each one, the glowing bouquet of Baomi Fouad, Rahma Ahmed, Sama Ibrahim, Hisham Ismail and the art stars, where the adventures of the best Uy, Johnny and Hasalkom. The fifth season will continue 6 years after it was shown in 2015 and the three characters will reappear.

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