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European Review: News confirms Poland wants to stay in EU after “sensational” court ruling


Polish Prime Minister Mathews Moravic confirmed on Friday that his country wants to remain in the European Union after a historic court decision, which could lead to an exit from the camp in Poland, while European countries have expressed concern and warned about the judicial decision. Poland against “playing”.

“Poland’s place will be in the family of European countries,” Moraviki said on his Facebook page, adding that the EU was “one of the strengths of the past decades” for Poland and the Union.

On Thursday, Poland’s highest court ruled that some articles of EU treaties “contradict” the country’s constitution.

Yulia Priispilska, chairwoman of the Constitutional Court, said in her ruling that the EU agreement was “unconstitutional in Poland” and stressed that European companies were “acting beyond their means”.

Government spokesman Peter Mல்லller welcomed the ruling, saying it “confirms the priority of constitutional law over other legal sources.”

The latest development is the long-running conflict between Poland and the European Union over controversial judicial reforms introduced by the ruling Conservative Nationalist Law and the Justice Party.

Attack on union

French Foreign Minister Clement Bonn said on Friday that the Polish court’s decision was an “attack on the European Union”.

“This is a very serious matter,” he said in a press release. Bonn said it was a “real risk of exit” from the union.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Mass also called on Poland to fully respect European law, saying “when a country decides to join the European Union, it must implement all existing laws.”

UNHCR is concerned

For its part, the European Commission confirmed that it was “concerned” by the decision of the Polish court, and insisted that EU law prevail over other domestic laws in all matters in Poland.

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Commissioner Didier Reinders said the EU was using all tools to “protect the primacy of European law that forms the heart of the Union.”

Paulo Gentiloni, the European Commissioner for Economics, warned last month that the issue would have “consequences” in providing stimulus funding to Poland.

European officials have stressed that there can be no plan for redemption and redemption in Poland if there is no fundamental respect for public rules, rights and freedoms in Europe.

The European Union has not yet agreed to provide 23 billion euros in financial assistance to Poland, with the planned 34 billion euros in reduced debt.

Warning about “playing”

The Foreign Minister of Luxembourg also warned the Polish government not to play this Friday, and after attending the EU summit in Luxembourg, the Minister said, “Poland’s progress is very worrying. We must make it clear that this Polish government is playing with fire.”

“The rule of European law is the basis for the integration of Europe and coexistence in Europe. If this policy is violated, Europe, established by the Treaty of Rome, will end, as we know it,” he added.

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