March 25, 2023

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New prices for local fuel in Egypt start this morning

On Friday morning, the Egyptian official gazette announced the decision of the Ministry of Petroleum to raise domestic fuel prices from nine o’clock on Friday morning (07:00 GMT).

The selling price of its three types of petrol products was adjusted until nine in the morning, as follows: 80 petrol at 75 6.75 per liter instead of 75 7, 92 petrol at 8. 8.25 instead of 8 and 25 9.25 at லி 95 per liter.

The Automated Pricing Committee of Petroleum Products is interested in following and implementing guidelines for automatic pricing of petroleum products on a quarterly basis. Market for the July / September 2021 quarter.

The price of 80-octane petrol was set at seven pounds ($ 0.45), the 92nd at 25 8.25 per liter, and the 95 octane petrol at 25 9.25 per liter.

This increase was 25 pistols per category.


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