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Exam anxiety can lead to vomiting, inattention, inability to hold a pen.. How to overcome it?


By Fatima Khalil

Saturday, December 23, 2023 05:12 PM

Al-Azhar University Psychiatric Consultant and Professor Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Hamouda said that pre-exam stress is beneficial if it is moderate and simple. But if the tension exceeds its limit, it can lead to health problems affecting some students.

He explained in an exclusive statement to “Youm7” that tension can create awareness to the sympathetic nervous systemIt is a vast network of nerve cells that control involuntary processes in the body and secrete more of the hormone adrenaline. Under normal stress one's abilities and concentration are high, but if the stress exceeds its level, the person loses his focus. Control his emotions.

She continued: “Excessive stress can cause some children to lose appetite, lose focus and increase abdominal and stomach muscle contractions, causing vomiting and nausea.”

Stress during exams causes sleep disturbances as a result of increased secretion of the hormone adrenaline, which affects the child's sleep and concentration, and he is unable to retrieve information and is unable to focus or concentrate.

He pointed out that due to the increase in the stress hormone “cortisol” secreted due to psychological stress during the examination period, the child's immunity decreases and the chances of infection and diseases increase.

Psychiatrist explained that nervous system irritation occurs during exam stress. The student loses the ability to hold a pen and trembles due to the hormone adrenaline, and the work of the sympathetic system.

Dr. Hamouda, there should be some anxiety and tension in studying, but not exceed this level, so that it does not harm us, and does not turn into sick anxiety or fear, which makes students shy away from exams or hate the exam period. .

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