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Mona Wassef in Libya | Black lover


Brothers in Libya, especially in Tripoli, used to host stars in their celebrations with the aim of exploiting their images, whether through the media or on social networks, to improve the current situation, especially in terms of security and stability. What happened at the Tripoli Media Days, which the government stands behind. National Unity is directly overseen by the Minister of State for Communications and Political Affairs, Walid Al-Lafi, where top artist Mona Wassef and prominent media personality Tony Khalifa were present. received a warm welcome from government officials or ordinary citizens.

After previously speaking about her real surname, “Zalmiran,” which translates to “forty princes” in Kurdish, Mona Wassef revealed her Iraqi roots from the city of Mosul, which are only recorded in her passport, when she used her popular nickname from her father's full name. Mustafa Wassef said, “Iraq represents beauty, pleasure, culture and science. It is my family, my home, my family and birthplace and homeland. My fathers from Mosul, an Iraqi Kurdish family.” He added that he has been to Iraq several times, the first in the mid-seventies of the last century, and then repeated visits recently, “Baghdad is the culture, and Iraq is a beautiful open book, it will be beautiful, loving and high throughout time.”

It was revealed that her late mother's husband was from the city of Slidden, and that she had Libyan half-brothers and relatives from the Qatara family, which received and celebrated her as was the custom of the Libyan people.

A great artist, he appeared in front of the cameras while dressed in traditional Libyan dress and very happy, however, his memory seemed to be a little weak, he pointed out that he “has many memories in Tripoli. Especially the days when he participated with the crew in the film The Message by director Mustafa. The Libyan capital , the truth says otherwise, and he proved it when he visited Tripoli in 2003 as a guest at the “Moon Lovers” program for journalists.

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Tripoli can be an important cultural capital, and it is capable of hosting important Arab and international stars, organizing important festivals in theater, cinema, music or anything else. The image of a safe and stable country will help a lot to succeed. It is perpetuated by those who seek to maintain the status quo by relying on the tactics of postponing the solution to reach an appropriate political solution to its shortcomings and the crisis affecting it.

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