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Expectation of “Covid” infection to increase in Northern Hemisphere during winter


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Professor Matthew Beneker, director of clinical virology at the Mayo Clinic, predicts higher rates of Covid-19 infection in the Northern Hemisphere during the fall and winter, but we don’t yet know if the BA.2.75 mutant will lead to that. spike or other mutants, and this increases the need for a large number of individuals to receive Covid-19 vaccines, and all individuals who received the first and second doses were advised to receive a booster dose. The contribution of high levels of antibodies produced by the body due to vaccines, to avoid viral symptoms and hospitalization, first, second and enlarged or previous infection.

He said in exclusive reports to “Al-Bayan” about the Indian “Centaurus” mutant: The BA.2.75 mutant, which is spreading rapidly in India today, is a sub-mutant of BA.2 (mutant strain of basic omicron) and the BA.2.75 mutant contains several changes in the structure of the spiniform protein of the virus. , a protein that helps the virus attach to human cells, and is targeted by most of today’s Covid-19 vaccines. There is also concern that these changes in the BA.2.75 mutant may allow the virus to resist the immune system’s ability to respond to vaccines or catch infections in the past, and infection rates for the BA.2.75 mutant remain low today. in the United States and the United Kingdom, but this reality may change in the next few months.


And are there any data indicating this mutant has the potential to cause more deaths or is associated with less severe symptoms than the previous mutant? Beneker noted that there is no data to suggest that the BA.2.75 strain is associated with higher mortality rates compared to previous Omicron strains, however, the spread of the disease and infecting more people could lead to an increase in the number of individuals. They may be hospitalized for symptoms of the Covid-19 virus. Many countries have seen an increase in the number of hospitalizations, but this may be due to the large number of infections rather than an increase in symptoms of the new strain.

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As for the different symptoms of this strain from what we’ve seen before? He explained: “To date, we have not observed any symptoms different from those we previously tested for the PA.2.75 strain, and we advise anyone who develops a fever, cough, sore throat or headache to get a nasal swab for covid immediately. 19, and today we cannot be sure that 2.75 is less harmful to humans than other mutants. And let’s not forget that a fast-spreading strain will certainly lead to a greater number of victims and thus a greater number of worsening symptoms. So, as a race today, we must continue to take the necessary steps to control the spread of the virus.

What are the reasons for the rapid spread of this mutation in India, and is it a cause for concern? “We believe the large population in India is contributing to the rapid spread of the BA.2.75 variant,” said Professor Matthew Pinker. If the spread of this variant follows previous trends, it could lead to a significant increase in infection rates in the United Kingdom and the United States over the next few months.

He concluded by saying that with relative air traffic returning to its previous levels in various parts of the world, all countries should be aware of the rapid spread of the BA.2.75 mutation and take necessary measures to reduce the total number. infections, and it is very important to intensify vaccination campaigns and ensure that everyone receives basic doses and a booster, thus reducing the incidence of infection. Most important to us is reducing the number of people infected with Covid-19 whose symptoms worsen, leading to hospitalization and ultimately death.

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