March 23, 2023

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Expert reveals “really mysterious” symptoms of vitamin D deficiency that cause immune problems and obesity

A health expert has warned that there may be full-scale symptoms of vitamin D deficiency, which may be somewhat ambiguous.

Dr Ruby told The Express: “Vitamin D deficiency is just as important as we have evolved, so it is needed for a variety of things, from the greatest to bone health, and to other things like immune disease, heart disease and obesity. Questions about participation. “

Evidence suggests that a staggering number of health problems are linked to a lack of adequate vitamin intake.

What are the signs that you are not getting enough vitamin D.

Dr. Ruby said: ‘There are a variety of symptoms that can be really vague. The more obvious the fatigue, the more GPs will think about vitamin D deficiency, which is very vague. Another cause of bone pain. Foot pain, especially if “there is no evidence of fractures. Early data may be a lump sum. Skin conditions, especially itchy skin or dry skin. It may be a problem.”

Not getting enough vitamin D is dangerous and can lead to problems like kidney disease.

“A lot of times, people with kidney failure need to have different multivitamins in their entirety,” Dr. Ruby said.

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Foods high in vitamin D:

• yolk.

Red meat.

• Oil fish.

Foods rich in vitamins.

Dr. Ruby also discussed foods that can help reduce “heart disease, stroke and diabetes”.

The health expert explained: “Inflammation is a universal concept that we see in many Western societies, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and obesity, all of which are supported by inflammation. So you can increase. Eating products that reduce or increase inflammation, from moderate inflammation, will do you good. “

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Foods that fight infection:

Fruits like strawberries, raspberries and cherries.



Leafy vegetables.

Olive oil.


Source: Express