January 27, 2023

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إكسبو 2020 دبي

Expo 2020 is in its 11th week

Ensuring the future of education in the world and its sustainability in light of the challenges posed by the corona epidemic led to scenes of events at the 11th week of Expo 2020 Dubai.

The number of global event visits from inside and outside the UAE has also maintained its growing pace.

Following is Emirates’ news agency WAM’s report on the highlights of the eleventh week of Expo 2020 Dubai:

Education: Expo 2020 organized Dubai Knowledge and Learning Week, which will feature a number of key events involving thought leaders and change makers from around the world. In the eleventh week the World Education Summit “Rewired” was attended by 70 to 400 speakers. The approximately 100 discussion sessions at the countries and the summit focused on addressing the challenges facing the world in the field of education.

The Knowledge and Education Week focused on the most important opportunities and challenges facing the education sector in light of the Corona epidemic crisis and the emerging employment of the Fourth Industrial Revolution techniques.

In this context, Expo 2020 Dubai organized a number of workshops on experiential learning and hosted a business forum to discuss the use and enhancement of knowledge to better prepare for the future.

During the United Nations Expo 2020 in Dubai, the United Nations Development Program and the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation released the results of the fifth edition of the Global Knowledge Index 2021, where the United Arab Emirates topped the list. And 11th in the world.

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– Arrivals: Expo 2020 Dubai Organizing Committee, with 6,358,464 visitors worldwide for the event, 73 days after the opening, and is expected to see the highest number of visits in the near future, especially as the school holidays begin. , A continuation of New Year’s celebrations and cultural and musical performances, as well as entertainment for a variety of ages and a wide range of visits from many nationalities inside and outside the UAE.

Youth: Expo 2020 Dubai saw the opening of the Gulf Youth Forum with the participation of official delegates and speakers from the Arab Gulf countries, highlighting four key topics that will address the common Gulf identity and youth role in the recovery phase. From Corona, promoting youth future, opportunities and entrepreneurship.

National Days: Expo 2020 Dubai National Day of the Republic of Iraq and the centenary of the modern Iraqi government was celebrated amid high-level official presence from the Emirati and Iraqi sides.

Japan celebrated its National Day in Dubai with Expo 2020, where the Japanese flag was hoisted with the UAE flag in Al Wasl Square along with the national anthems of the two countries, and Kyrgyzstan celebrated its National Day with a dazzling set in Expo 2020 Dubai. Performances in Al Wasl Square.

Emirates Maritime Week: “Emirates Maritime Week” kicked off this year at the Expo 2020 Dubai Exhibition Center, which saw events, especially the “Seatrate Middle East Maritime Conference and Exhibition”, “Seatrate Maritime Awards in the Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Africa”, and Naval Leaders Forum, “Discovering the Marine Sector” initiative and other events and activities.

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Several key topics were discussed this week, including maritime safety, the future of supply chains, digital transformation, data, the latest developments in maritime regulations and laws, decarbonization, sustainable shipping and other topics of interest to the maritime sector.

International Events: This week, Expo 2020 Dubai celebrates World Health Care Day, which falls on December 12 each year. During the celebration, some of the Expo Live’s projects for global innovators and the Global Best projects practices project were featured. At EXPO, it really helps to ensure that everyone’s medical needs are met equally.

– Messi: Lionel Messi, world football star, Paris Saint-Germain player and international ambassador for “Expo 2020 Dubai”, visited the site of the global event and explained about the UAE pavilion and its values, tradition and its contents. The Argentine national team also visited his country’s pavilion.