March 29, 2023

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How did Expo change aspects of people’s lives in the 3rd century?

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Sky News Arabia will air a special episode of “The Story” project entitled “Expo 2020”, which will tell the story of the world’s largest exhibition, and the United Arab Emirates will launch its new session “Expo 2020 Dubai.”

The media project, Faisal Bin Harris, presents to the audience the true essence of this unique event and its significance, and how it transforms the most important discoveries from an exhibition into an international gathering and transforms people’s lives for the better.

The event deals with events from three axes, past, present and future, and answers key questions about socio-economic impacts in communities and countries, through meetings with specialists on the social and psychological impact of the event, as well as what happened in war-torn cities such as Brussels, Belgium and Osaka, Japan. The chapter reviews the cities that occurred, as well as the significant economic growth that drives this city’s event.

The show is close to the story of the Dubai Expo, hosting the event in the United Arab Emirates, to the point where it transforms a part of the Dubai Desert into a vibrant heart, hope and ambition, making it the site of the expo. The episode talks about the expectations for the results of this unique exhibition between several officials and representatives of the participating countries.

The episode ends with an exclusive tour of photographer and content creator Abdullah Al-Badwawi, who uses the “drone” to take the audience on a tour with his flying lens, and he shares his amazing scenes with the audience. Al Wasl Dome, the expo site, was the first photographer to have the opportunity to photograph the beating heart and the crown of Expo Dubai, the largest crowd known to mankind. Connect the mind and create the future.

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Viewers can watch the episode premiere air on Wednesday, September 29 at 4:30 pm GMT and 8:30 pm Abu Dhabi time on Sky News Arabia.

Sky News Arabia offers exclusive and prestigious coverage of Expo 2020 Dubai.