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Expo Dubai hosted .. Closing of the 22nd Session of the Arab Ministers of Culture Conference


On Monday, the 22nd session of the Conference of Ministers of Cultural Affairs of the Arab World hosted by Expo 2020 Dubai in the United Arab Emirates concluded.

The Ministers of Cultural Affairs in the Arab States expressed their gratitude and appreciation for their support of the Emirates’ good organization, reception and hospitality and the comprehensive plan for Arab culture and review and renewal program.

The conference expressed its gratitude and appreciation to the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science for its role in coordinating the joint cultural activities of the Arab nation and promoting the cultural unity of the Arab nation.

The conference recommended that Arab countries take action to benefit from the outcome of the comprehensive plan review for Arab culture and use it to develop national strategies for cultural development and collaborative projects, and called for meetings to be presented to present a comprehensive plan. Inform the cast for Arabic culture and in the field of culture.

The conference expressed its pride in the level of cooperation and integration in the field of culture among the Arab countries, emphasizing that the cultural projects recognized at this session will contribute to achieving cultural integration among the Arab countries.

The conference urged Arab countries to use the benefits and services of digital technology to formulate local cultural policies to protect and value cultural heritage and to address the remnants of the health crisis on workers in the cultural sector.

At the end of its mission, the conference welcomed Saudi Arabia’s request to host the 23rd Ministerial Conference on Cultural Affairs in the Arab World to be held in 2022.

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The 22nd Session of the Conference of Ministers in charge of Cultural Affairs in the Arab World was held in Dubai at the invitation of the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science and co-hosted by the United Arab Emirates and co-hosted the Dubai Expo 2020.

The conference was attended by 18 Arab countries, in addition to the League of Arab States, and “representatives from UNESCO, ISESCO, the Arab Education Bureau for Gulf Countries, the International Council for Monuments and Sites, and the Arab Theater.”

The 22nd session of the Conference of Ministers in charge of Cultural Affairs in the Homeland was held in the context of the many and growing challenges facing Arab culture that require a comprehensive restructuring of its priorities, goals and working methods. New world variables affect Arab culture in its peculiarities and in its intellectual, social and educational foundations.

It shook the minds of emergencies and crises such as the development of cultural governance policies, the information revolution, the power of digital platforms and the Covid-19 crisis, reversing world priorities and establishing beliefs. The role and place of culture in natural and exceptional situations, according to the final report of the conference.

The conference of Ministers in charge of cultural affairs in the Arab world discussed the keynote address “Draft Review of the Comprehensive Plan for Arab Culture and the Results of Modernization”.

The project began with an analysis of the most important developments in the characteristics of Arab culture over the past 20 years and the circumstances surrounding these developments and the resulting political, economic and social developments, as well as new challenges and issues. They result.

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Ministers in charge of cultural affairs in the Arab world emphasized the importance of the project’s publications to facilitate cultural exchange, promote joint Arab cultural activities, and revise and promote a comprehensive plan for Arab culture.

Participants in the strategic guidance of Arab countries on post-Kovid 19 epidemics presented their speeches, which emphasized the need and vitality of implementing a joint Arab cultural program that would contribute to the preservation of the Arab identity and the protection of the younger generation from the dangers of extremism. And deviation.

The conference discussed ways and means of strengthening Arab cultural unity and ensuring its sustainability by creating multiple and comprehensive knowledge communities, the need for Arab culture for world cultures, strengthening relations with human cultures and actively contributing to human creation. Civilization project within the framework of values ​​of diversity and diversity, taking into account the peculiarities of Arab culture. It is full of civilization, tradition, history and knowledge because it enjoys its diversity, its antiquity and its permanence and change. The diversity of its geographical, historical, linguistic and ethnic sources.

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