March 27, 2023

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Shares of Saudi and Dubai rise in Monday session ... and fall in Qatar, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi

Shares of Saudi and Dubai rise in Monday session … and fall in Qatar, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi

Is different Gulf Stock ExchangesDuring today’s session, the general index of the stock market rose Saudi stocks “TASI” rose 0.09%, or 10.24 points, to 11,170.48, while the Dubai Financial Markets’ general index rose 0.01%, or 0.19 points, to close at 3156.91, while Abu Dhabi’s general index closed. The stock rose 1.08%, or 93.33 points, to 8,557,378, while the Qatar Stock Exchange benchmark index fell 0.25%, or 28.88 points, to 11,658.53.

Saudi Stock Exchange

The Saudi Arabian Stock Exchange general index “TASI” rose 0.09%, or 10.24 points, to 11,170.48 points, while the equivalent market index – 1.2 percent, rose 324.76 points, to close at 27,377.05 points. One million shares worth 7.1 billion riyals reached 188.2.

The Saudi stock market rose 4 sectors, with telecoms 1.12%, pharmaceuticals 0.64%, banking 0.6%, energy 0.29% and real estate management and development 0.29%. The long-term goods sector was down 1.6%, followed by the transport sector (1.4%), the transport sector (1.04%), the media and entertainment sector (0.93%), the capital goods sector (0.81%), the luxury goods retail, utilities and technology services (0.78%) and 0.72% respectively. , Followed by the food and care retail sector, the health sector 0.68% and 0.62%, respectively, followed by the public utility sector by 0.57%.

Shares of Sadr were up 9.98%, Wafra was down 9.98%, Abdul Latif was down 9.89% and 141 shares were down 5.34 during today’s trading session. %, Followed by “Enaya” with 4.56%, followed by “Amanah Insurance” with 4.13%, while Al-Nayifat topped the list with a value of 785.8 million Saudi riyals.

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Dubai Stock Exchange

The Dubai Financial Stock Exchange general index closed 0.01% higher at 0.19 points at 3156.91 points at the close of trading on Monday, reaching 196.1 million shares, reaching 340 million dirhams. Implemented 4883 contracts for 27 stocks and rose in the Dubai Stock Exchange. The communications sector was up 0.89%, followed by the real estate sector 0.76%, followed by the investment and financial services sector 0.15% and finally the insurance sector 0.03%.

Shares of Dar Al Taqaful fell 3.33%, then Emirates NBD Bank 2.58%, and 17 shares led by Amlock Finance fell 5.13%, followed by Air at the end of Monday’s trading on the Dubai Stock Exchange. Arabia’s share by 2.74 was at 88.3 million dirhams, with a volume of 18.5 million notes, topping the list of most traded in terms of value, and the stock fell 0.83%.

Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange

The Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange general index fell 1.08% to close at 8557.378 points, down 93.33 points, at 1.556 trillion dirhams today. The trading volume reached 220.3 million shares, with a value of 1.6 billion dirhams, activating 8,957 contracts.

In the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange, telecommunications fell by 5.22%, real estate by 1.36%, industry by 0.75%, followed by insurance and services by 0.68% and 0.61% respectively. The investment and financial services sector grew by 0.06%, the banking sector by 0.62%, the energy sector by 0.33% and the consumer goods sector by 0.18%.

The Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange, led by Abu Dhabi National Company for Building Materials, rose 17 shares to 5.16%, followed by Abu Dhabi Shipping Company 3.94% and Ze Ze Warehouse Company 3.04%. Shares of Aram Group fell 9.66%, followed by Al Qudra Holding Company at 6.02%, Emirates Telecommunications Group Company (Etisalat Group) at 5.28% and International Holding at 330.3 million dirhams. It tops the list of most active in terms of value.

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Bahrain Stock Exchange

The Bahraini financial market general index fell 0.63% at the close of trading on Monday, losing 11.22 points to close at 1770.98 points, and the trading volume reached 2.5 million shares worth 559 thousand Bahraini dinars. GFH Finance Group, Al Salam Bank, Ahly United Bank, Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait were down 6.75%, 2.97%, 0.54% and 0.4% respectively, followed by the basic commodities sector with 22.97%. Shares of Aluminum Bahrain fell 0.62%, shares of Bahrain Kuwait Insurance fell 5% and Al Baraka Bank Group rose 3.28%.

Qatar Stock Exchange

The general index of the Qatar Stock Exchange, during today’s trading session, fell 0.25%, lost 28.88 points, closed at 11658.53 points, and the trading volume reached 125.9 million shares, valued at 327.5 million riyals. 10.5 thousand transactions, 39 shares fell, 5 shares rose, 4 shares were stable.

The Qatar Stock Exchange was down six sectors, with real estate 1.09%, consumer goods and services 0.89%, telecommunications 0.82%, transportation 0.24%, followed by industry, banks and financial services with 0.14%, 0.13% and insurance only. Increased by 0.03%.

Kuwait Stock Exchange

The Kuwaiti stock market index rose 0.10%, or 6.97 points, to 6940.92 and the first-time high of 0.32, as the Kuwaiti stock market indexes fluctuated today. At the end of 24.08 points, the key market index fell 0.56%, lost 32.74 points, or 5807.40 points, and the key index fell 50 points, or 55 points, to 55, 48. Completed at 6011.12 points.

At the close of trading, the trading volume was approximately 188 million shares, valued at 44.96 million Kuwaiti dinars, with 8952 contracts executed. 0.42%, 0.41%, then energy sector 0.25%, then consumer goods sector 0.14%, finally insurance sector 0.1%, utility sector 0.44%, then banking sector 0.35%, then telecom sector 0.08%.

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