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Expo Dubai Medical Tourism Week Opening Ceremony


Expo 2020 Dubai presented an exceptional opportunity for Malaysia to promote its medical tourism at the largest global event during epidemics.

The major international event saw the launch of the Malaysian Healthcare Week from January 3 to 7 at the Malaysian Pavilion, with the participation of many leading companies and healthcare providers in Malaysia. Malaysia, Asia targeted campaign to spread viral hepatitis.

Malaysia’s presence as a treatment ground for hepatitis C is emerging from the World Health Organization’s goal of reducing the incidence of the disease by 90% and reducing the death toll by 65% ​​by 2030.

Malaysia offers specialized treatment for hepatitis C with a combination of ravidasvir and sophospuvir, which offers a 97% cure rate and 95% lower treatment costs because Malaysia is the first country in the world to have conditional approval for its use. Treatment.

In this context, the CEO of the Malaysian Medical Tourism Council (MHTC) Mohammad Dawood Mohammad Arif said, “This initiative is part of Malaysia’s 2021-2025 National Health Plan and we want to be a global platform for hepatitis C treatment ahead of Hepatitis Day. Malaysia is ready to make progress in treating the victims of the global virus and disease, bearing the slogan (Hepatitis Can’t Wait).

He added, “We reaffirm our continued commitment to excellence, safety and quality, and provide the best therapeutic experience to visitors from around the world, especially to the Middle East, and the Expo 2020 Dubai site is the perfect platform to showcase our vision. . “

At the opening ceremony of Malaysia Healthcare Week, the Malaysian Medical Tourism Board signed several new partnerships, joining a long list of partnership and strategic cooperation agreements.Malaysia Pavilion signed Memorandums of Understanding with several leading companies. International Assistance Sdn Bhd and HADID International Services.

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Expo 2020 Dubai.

These agreements will enhance Malaysia’s exposure to customers and industry personnel by promoting the Malaysian healthcare sector’s brand in the Middle East market and the ASEAN region.

Mohamed Dawood Mohammed Arif, CEO of the Malaysian Medical Tourism Board, said, “Malaysia has realized the importance of developing strategic partnerships after 18 months of successfully dealing with the epidemic period, improving the recovery process in the health sector with the advent of 2022.”

Mohamad Daoud said, “The Department of Healthcare in Malaysia is committed to working with partners who share the same values ​​and commitment in providing care in service excellence and standards. Therefore, we are proud to work with IASB and HADID. Join forces to provide a safe and reputable service and comfortable experience for our patients. “

For four years in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2020, Malaysia was selected as the Best Place of the Year at the International Medical Tourism Magazine (IMTJ) Awards and was named the World’s Best Country for Healthcare based on its International Pension Index rating. From 2015 to 2021.

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