June 25, 2022

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Unemployment in Germany fell to 5.2%

Unemployment in Germany fell to 5.2%

BERLIN (AFP) – Unemployment in Germany continued to fall in December, despite a return to controls in some economic sectors due to the re-emergence of the Govt-19 epidemic, according to official figures released on Tuesday.
Adjusted data for the seasonally modified figures show that after a similar decline in November, the working population fell by 0.1 points to 5.2% in one month. .
According to the same data, the number of unemployed has dropped by 23,000.
According to net statistics, the number of unemployed is between two million and 330 thousand.
“The labor market grew well at the end of the year,” said Deadlew Schili, chairman of the employment agency, in a statement. So, the recovery has continued in recent months.
Germany’s unemployment rate is gradually approaching its pre – Govt level, averaging 5%.
After the outbreak of the first wave of epidemics in the spring of 2020, it rose to 6% before the onset of a rapid decline from May 2021, and the economy reopened in the spring after the second wave.
But after the fall, Germany faced a resurgence of epidemics, mainly due to the Delta mutation and then the Omigron mutation at the end of the year.
Restrictions have been re-enacted in many sectors, including entertainment and hospitality, mainly targeting those who have not been vaccinated.
Chile spoke of “doubts about the epidemic situation,” noting that “part-time job announcements for the short term increased sharply in December.”

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