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Scientists praise the easing of “corona restrictions” and support for preventive maintenance


April 28, 2022Last Updated: 10 hours ago

Moving towards the introduction of the “normal life” option, large social groups and several professional groups are exploring the possibility of removing all control of the corona virus in the face of the positive indicators shown by the current epidemiological situation.

Although broad sections choose to move towards natural environments where the wearing of masks disappears and social harmony is felt, the scientific team expresses its approval of the matter, but with caution against any epidemic slip in the future.

Taking advantage of the summer renaissance, professional teams are betting on ending the health emergency by the end of next May, facilitating travel services for visitors and turning the inner wheel to enter the school holidays. .

Saeed Afif, a member of the Scientific Committee on the Corona Vaccine, said, “Mitigation is very much needed in light of the great stability the country sees at the epidemiological level, but it needs to be considered to see what happens internationally.”

Affif added, “Social, economic and psychological problems are sometimes more difficult than health,” Morocco continues to need to reduce the number of casualties and deaths.

The Moroccan professor stressed that “economic life must move back, and people are psychologically exhausted.”

Rational action
Mustafa al-Naji, a member of the Scientific Committee on Vaccines, noted that “the economy is damaged and therefore difficult to remain in a tight position,” stressing the need to think about rational management of the crisis. The infection rate rises again.

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Al-Nazi explained, “The virus is no longer severe and is closer to the flu, but in some countries there is an increase in the number of infections,” he stressed, adding that “precautionary measures should not be seen as restrictions”.

The Director of the Viral Laboratory at Hassan II University in Casablanca confirmed that “muzzle, social exclusion and hand contraception are safety tools for the individual and the community, and called on everyone to play their part in the final eradication of the virus.”

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