June 6, 2023

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Facing hot weather, Dubai drops artificial rain

Clouds over Dubai. Illustrative photo. (Kareem Sahib / AFP)

It’s no secret that it’s very hot in Dubai, especially in the summer, at 40 to 46 degrees at this time and usually above 50 degrees. So to renew the population, the UAE decided to create artificial rain.

Dubai has been working on these projects for many years, especially with the British University of Reading, spending millions of dollars. To create rain, a plane orbits the Emirates sky and pushes drones into the clouds. These drones emit electric shocks that cause rain.

Authorities have fired these drones 126 times this year. Each flight lasts two or three hours. They do not make a direct connection between bad weather and their experiences, but on social networks, United Arab Emirates National Meteorological Center Released several pictures and 3D videos of rain modeled on these induced storms.

You have to be careful. In the United Arab Emirates, only about 100 mm of water falls per year. So the infrastructure nNot to consolidate so much rain. And then the residents aren’t used to it either. Technology causes rain, but does not control its size and intensity. The highways around Dubai were submerged, traffic was disrupted and some drivers panicked as they never ran in the rain.

And the United States, China has developed another technique from the 1940s to the 1960s. Inject small amounts of silver iodide especially into clouds with high humidity. This accelerates the compression of the particles and creates precipitation. In the United States last year, the technique caused a blizzard in Wyoming.

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Artificial rain is beneficial for agriculture during droughts. But experts warn: the wrong rain will not always work, which is a timely answer to the real problem: global warming. Then, with caution. If we get too close to the clouds, we can burn ourselves கூட even with water!