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Fake news targeting salic customers. The company is responding with awareness campaigns


Road users in Dubai have been hit with fake messages from Salik customers asking them to pay overdue amounts under penalty charges, and during this time, Salik has launched an awareness campaign warning its customers not to pay any amount to any party. Using authorized channels to pay dues.

A group of customers who contacted “Emirates Today” expressed their concern that other people might be scammed after they received a text message from an unknown number saying that they were late in paying their salicy bill and that they had to click on a link to make the payment. Late fee to avoid penalty. The message contains a phone number and a link to pay the recipient of the message. It also asks people to avoid going through Salik Gate and contact the number in the fake message to confirm if they have dues.

Salik is defined as an electronic traffic toll system in Dubai that operates without collection booths or parking points. Every time a vehicle passes through one of the toll gates, 4 dirhams are automatically deducted from the prepaid toll account.

For its part, Salik warned its customers not to fall prey to fraud by implementing an awareness campaign on social media. It also announced that it intends to explore implementing another set of campaigns to alert and continue to educate customers.

A Salik tag can be purchased through the Salik website, which will be issued directly to the customer and the card will be automatically activated after completing the payment process through the Salik website. Salik tag can also be purchased at selected branches of Emirates Fuel Stations, EPPCO/ENOC or ADNOC.

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Dubai Traffic Gate “Salik” users can also register and activate their purchased Salik Card through the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority website and its electronic applications Smart Salik and Dubai Drive.

Salik service can be availed through Salik service outlets and by calling the Salik customer care staff on 80072545.

Salik customers can recharge their balance through a group of authorized banks and through their websites and smart applications.

The Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai has identified channels for checking Saliq violations, including the Smart Salik app and the Dubai Drive app. Salik website

He pointed out that if the vehicle is registered in the emirate of Dubai, the violations can be viewed through the Dubai Police website, and if the vehicle is registered in other emirates, through the Abu Dhabi Police website.

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