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Fatima Bint Mubarak Center at “Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi” .. Advanced Medical Techniques in Tumor Diagnosis and Treatment


Follow up – Nagam Hassan

The Fatima Bint Mubarak Center at Cleveland Clinic, Abu Dhabi offers advanced medical techniques in the diagnosis and treatment of oncology in the hands of specialized experts to provide the highest level of care in the treatment of oncology in the UAE.

According to WAM, the center is equipped with the latest high-end equipment that improves the quality of oncology care through comprehensive diagnostic and examination techniques, making it the best place for patients to receive treatment and healthcare.

During an introductory tour to the media at the center, the hospital’s experts discussed the latest treatment options for cancer, particularly the “Ethos” adaptive radiotherapy and advanced oncology treatment technology in the UAE, using artificial intelligence and machine learning. This therapeutic technology allows med. The radiography team adjusts the patient’s treatment plan. Directly based on daily changes in his physical state of health.

Radio-embolization therapy (trans-arterial radiation embolization therapy using yttrium-90) is a treatment method that uses radioactive particles to destroy tumor cells in the liver. By building up in the liver, these microbes emit radiation that targets cells that are malignant while protecting healthy liver tissue.. In addition to the chemotherapy robot, it benefits from an automated installation process to ensure caregiver and patient safety and emergency preparation. Measurements with ease and absolute accuracy.

The robot offers many benefits, including improving patient and caregiver safety, improving the efficiency of pharmaceutical services, reducing operational costs, improving nurse confidence, facilitating automated patient record maintenance, simplifying inventory management, and “edge” radiotherapy for another oncology treatment option. With high precision and without any surgical intervention, stereotaxic radiation uses stereotaxic radiation to target tumor cells while sparing healthy tissue, making it a highly efficient and effective option.

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The center offers brachytherapy or internal radiation, a procedure that places radioactive material inside the affected organ, and because this type of treatment allows the application of high doses of local radiation to specific areas of the body, it has comparatively fewer side effects. Allows short-term use of external beam radiation and therapy.

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