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Fauci: The United States is approaching the peak of the epidemic


“We are definitely in the midst of a very sharp rise in cases,” Fauci told ABC Infection rate Increase as “unprecedented”.

The expert explained Injury curve It experienced a “semi-vertical rise”.

With the spread of the clumsy omigran around the world, more than 440,000 new cases were registered in the United States on Friday, an increase of nearly 200,000 cases from the peak results recorded last February.

But Fassi said the South African experience there is somewhat reassuring as it has retreated Infectious wave Spreads almost fast.

He said there was growing evidence that Omigran was less potent than the previous variant. The mortality and hospitalization rate in the United States in recent weeks has been much lower than other Govt waves.

The United States, like other countries, seeks to strike a balance between safeguarding the economy and public health without compromising vital services such as policing and aviation.

Corona and back to school

As children prepare to return to school on Monday after the end of the year break, Fauzi and US Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona hope they will continue. Personal education It is safe if proper precautions are taken.

Fassi again appealed to parents to vaccinate their children, wear masks and perform tests if necessary.

“If all of these measures are taken together, I think it would be safer to take children back to school compared to the negative consequences of keeping children out,” the epidemiologist said.

Meanwhile, Minister Cardona said it was difficult but necessary to return to school.

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“I think there will be bumps on the road, especially,” he told Fox News Sunday on Monday, adding that many teachers and sick staff were missing.

For his part, Eric Adams, the incumbent mayor of New York, said there was no other option. The children go back to school Safely.

“We lost about two years of education,” he told the ABC. “We can not do it again … the safest place for children is school.”

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