June 5, 2023

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الحوثيون يعلنون عن

The Houthis announce the “2021 harvest”

The “Ansar Allah” Houthi group has revealed details of its actions against the Saudi-led Arab League in 2021.

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On his Twitter account, Houthi military spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Sari pointed out that in 2021, “194 offensive operations and 382 raids were carried out.” , Most targeted Yemeni mercenaries, then Sudanese, then Saudis.

By 2021, Yahya Sare’e reported that the Houthi’s total air defense operations were 1,025 repellents and forced to withdraw from operations, 24 of which were shot down.

He explained that by 2021, Houthi forces had thwarted 223 offensive attempts and 166 infiltration attempts with the help of God. And in addition to injury, infrastructure damage, and the vast majority of aggression attacks targeted separate parts of the Marib Governorate.

“In 2021, our forces carried out a number of quality operations, including” Al-Nasr al-Mubin “operation in its three phases and” Spring of Victory “in its two phases,” he added. The operations of the ground forces led to the liberation of large areas in the governorates of Marif and al-Jawf, estimated at 12,000 square kilometers.

He continued, “The Engineering Division carried out 5010 operations targeting the components, mechanisms and barracks of the occupying forces.” The total operations of the artillery division were 21,925 operations targeting enemy forts, assemblies and mechanisms.

In 2021, it was confirmed that 22 planes had been shot down in Saudi Arabia (6 type “CH4”, 12 type “Scan Eagle”, one “type MQ9”, two “ARQ-20” and one “carrier”), two planes shot down “Emirates-owned” Wing Loong 2 “and 64 small reconnaissance aircraft in 2021”

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He added, “The missile force carried out 440 operations, of which 340 targeted enemy forces, 100 operations targeting enemy assemblies and installations outside Yemen. In 2021, the air force carried out 4,497 reconnaissance and offensive operations. .

The wing continued, “Missile and drone air forces carry out joint operations in Saudi depths”, declaring “204 Saudi soldiers and officers and 745 Sudanese dead and wounded by 2021”.

“1,749 vehicles, armored vehicles and troops, and 253 calipers were destroyed and damaged, and by 2021 39 warehouses had been burned,” he pointed out.
A Houthi spokesman pointed out that “Saudi Arabia is pushing Sudanese soldiers to take the lead in strikes and casualties.”

Source: “March” + Rt