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Features of the New Middle East Netanyahu Wants


Ramallah / Qais Abu Samra / Anatolia

– Anatolia experts: Israel seeks to redraw the Middle East
– Bisharat: Israel seeks to relocate residents of Gaza to Egyptian Sinai
– Barghouti: Israel sees opposition as an obstacle to a normal plan with Arab countries
– Awadh: The war creates changes and may force Israel to reach a comprehensive political settlement

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is using the war in the Gaza Strip to implement his colonization plan that could redraw the map of the Middle East, Palestinian experts say.

In separate conversations with Anadolu, experts say Netanyahu is seeking to end alliances and normalization with Arab countries at the expense of the Palestinian cause, and to relocate a large portion of the Gaza Strip’s population to Egypt.

Palestinian opposition factions, led by Hamas and the Islamic Jihad movements, have stood up to the Israeli plan.

On Monday Netanyahu said the war in Gaza would “take time” and vowed to “transform the Middle East region”.

On Saturday, Hamas and other Palestinian factions in Gaza launched Operation “Al-Aqsa Flood” “in response to continued attacks by Israeli forces and settlers against the Palestinian people, their property and shrines, particularly the Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied East Jerusalem.”

On the other hand, the Israeli army has launched Operation Iron Swords and is carrying out intensive raids in several areas of the Gaza Strip, home to more than two million Palestinians suffering from deteriorating living conditions as a result of the Israeli blockade. 2006.

On Monday evening, the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip announced that the death toll of Palestinians, including 140 children and 105 women, rose to 687 as a result of Israeli attacks for the third day in a row. The number of Israelis killed in clashes with Palestinian units reached 900, with 2,616 injured. .

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Migration to Gaza Sinai

Suleiman Bisharat, director of the Yabouz Studies Center, said a new Middle East is a phrase to consider in Netanyahu’s speech, which he consults with European leaders, and the US military is moving via aircraft carrier.

He adds: “The Israeli-American vision and the attempt to seize the opportunity to implement a long-sought project by Israel and the United States, which is to redraw a new Middle East, a part of which has displaced a large part. By which the population of the Gaza Strip moves to the Sinai.”

He points out that the project aims to achieve the Palestinians’ perception of geographic distance from the settlements around Gaza and to protect them in the future.

The plan also aims to weaken or destroy the infrastructure of the Palestinian resistance, which it has worked to strengthen over the past years, the spokesman said.

Bisharat believes that Israel has two options: the first is to continue attacking targets inside the Gaza Strip by air, and the second is to engage in a ground war, considering that the war is still in its early stages according to data.

Completion of normalization program

In turn, Khaldoun Barghouthi, an expert on Israeli affairs, believes that “Netanyahu seeks to draw a blueprint for a new Middle East by ending the normal program with the Arab states, leaving the Palestinian issue unresolved and keeping the Palestinians down. The truth of occupation.”

Barghouti told Anadolu Agency that “Netanyahu sees the opposition factions in Gaza as an obstacle to this plan, and the time has come for him to remove this obstacle to fulfill his plan and ensure Israel’s security.”

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According to the spokesman, “Netanyahu is trying to turn Israel into a cornerstone without telling anyone.

Regarding developments in the military operation in the Gaza Strip, al-Barghouti believes that Israel’s military and political levels are surprised in light of the ground operation and the army’s ability to achieve victories and the development of resistance tools and fear of surprises. On the ground that could cause military losses.

He pointed out that it is difficult to determine the direction of Israel so far in this regard.

According to Barghouti, Israel is wary of opening new fronts in the region, such as the northern Lebanon front with Hezbollah, which would ease the burden on the Gaza Strip and change the equation Israel wants to implement.

A comprehensive political settlement

In turn, Palestinian political expert Ahmed Rafiq Awad says that all the scenarios are clear in the escalating tensions in the Gaza Strip, and that any war has consequences and strategic changes.

He told Anatolia that Israel was trying to throw the Gaza Strip into Egypt through a new settlement in the Sinai desert.

Despite the difficulty, Awad says, “new fronts may open, countries may be overthrown, and demographic changes may occur. Conversely, Israel may be forced to reach a settlement and a Palestinian state will exist.”

The expert believes that a political solution is possible after the war, as the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is linked to a comprehensive political solution.

If the war drags on, the Palestinian expert expects the Arab population to take to the streets, harming the interests of regimes forced to take official positions towards conflict and war.

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