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Laila Messinai: “Meta Film” translates Dubai’s visions and its focus on the creative economy


Leila Messinai, founder of the Meta Film Festival in Dubai, affirmed that Dubai is an oasis for the creative economy and an essential destination for creatives, especially in the film industry. It has become a contributor to supporting the vision of the country’s creative economy and promoting the development of local talent and regional cinema.

The UAE is a leading hub for cultural activities in the region, hosting all the world’s major events, from concerts and ballet performances to comedy shows, and is characterized by hosting enthusiastic audiences who welcome all cultural events, large or small.

Laila Massinei, founder of the festival, explained In his interview with Meta Cinema “Al-Bayan”.Dubai and the UAE support all forms of art, hosting events such as the Art Dubai Fair, which has taken a prominent place among the most important global events in the field.

He pointed out that the UAE adopts an ambitious cultural agenda and vision, and places strong emphasis on the creative economy. The film industry is one of the most popular fields in the arts and entertainment industry as it integrates all other art mediums to produce its products.

He continued: The film festival can be considered as a platform to showcase the products of the cinema industry and bring together emerging and established filmmakers to showcase their work and interact with different genres of films from around the world. As well as to communicate, gain experience and establish business relationships. Considering the status that the UAE enjoys globally, especially Dubai, it has all the necessary qualifications to host such events, hence the decision to host the Meta International Film Festival in Dubai, which now helps support the visions of a creative economy in the emirate. and promoting the development of national and local talent and the region in the cinema industry, giving film lovers in the UAE the opportunity to learn about the best films from around the world.

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First scene

Leila Mesinai added: The festival hosts 93 films from 33 countries, of which 72 are competing in the following categories: short films, feature films, documentaries, first works, student projects and sustainability-focused films. The festival will have 25 screenings, especially for movies. All of these films are being screened for the first time in the UAE, the region or the world.

Explaining its vision and objectives, the founder of the festival said: We want to strengthen the film industry through this event as the festival helps to strengthen the film industry in various ways. It represents a mix of the best that the world of cinema has to offer and offers more than 15 academic sessions, workshops, special classes and conversation sessions on topics like acting, direction, production, post-production processes, marketing etc. , Finance, Legal Affairs… and others. A vital presence.

There are many famous names in this festival, especially Naseeruddin Shah, Randha Pathak, Gani Kashruti, Vinay Fort, Abhijit Das, Akshada Pandavapura, Soham Majumdar and many more.

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