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Features on iPhones and AirPods protect your hearing

Apple offers many advantages to users that provide a different experience when using a mobile phone supported by iOS or iPad OS and Mac OS, and during our next article we will show you some of the features in iPhone and iPad devices. Asks when using them.

Effective ways to protect your sense of hearing

imore reviewed a series of keys you can use to improve your experience while listening to music that protects your hearing using iPhones, Apple Watches, AirPods, and more, and they’re in order:

Using the Noise app

In simple steps, you can download the Noise app and use Noise Threshold on your Apple Watch by following the steps below:

On your iPhone, open the Watch app.

Tap the “My Watch” icon, then select the sound icon.

Tap Noise Level and adjust it to Decibel level.

When you are in crowded places and events, you can activate this feature to monitor the noise level of that place and if it exceeds the limit, you can take appropriate action at that time.

Automatic volume reduction on AirPods PRO 2

You can activate a feature called Adaptive Transparency, during which the headphones will automatically control the volume when listening to songs, especially when you are surrounded by loud noises. To activate it, do the following:

Enter settings.

Make sure your AirPods Pro 2 are connected.

Enable the Adaptive Transparency feature.

iPhone voice recognition

A hidden feature on the iPhone that lets you recognize a voice and automatically receive notifications or alert signals from the phone when it’s heard. This feature is mostly used in case of fire alarm and doorbells. Sounds of cats and dogs. To activate it, do the following:

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Enter settings.

Choose the sounds icon and select the sound you want to recognize.

Use headphones

Headphones are the best choice if you want to listen to music at an appropriate volume without damaging your ears. In turn, headphones paired with Apple devices have the ability to automatically turn down the volume if users find the volume louder than usual. To activate it, do the following:

Open Settings.

I open settings

Tap Sound & Haptics, then Headphone Protection

Turn on the reduction of loud sounds and adjust the volume in decibels according to your hearing level.

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