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Features you may not know about Google Voice Assistant


TomorrowSome believe that Google’s voice assistant does not offer as many benefits or applications as Apple’s Siri Voice.

However, it has various features that have increased in size after the new Android 12 update.

Here are the awesome methods you can use on different Android versions and different phones, so don’t worry about backing up your phone.

1- Read articles aloud

This feature works exclusively with Google applications for browsing the web, such as the Chrome browser, the Google News application or the Google Search application.

All you have to do is go to the article you want to read on your mobile.

Then you start reading him directly. You can ask him to read the article by one of the following commands: Read this – Read this page – Read aloud.

In addition to the tools that control the reading process in the notification bar you can find a new audio file or a special bar for the article reader that appears at the bottom of the article.

You can control the output audio file just as you control any audio file or music track you play on the phone.

2- Knowing the percentage of shipping

Google Voice Assistant will notify you directly of your phone’s charging percentage by following your voice commands.

This command can also be used with Google Assistant-enabled speakers or smart displays.

All you have to do is ask your assistant about the battery percentage of your mobile and the assistant will inform you directly about it.

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3- Locate the phone

You can send the command to Google Assistant by telling me where my phone is and it will show you the location of your phone directly.

It works no matter how many devices you have connected to your Google Account, so you can see it showing multiple phones together or multiple devices together.

4- Switch the mobile to Silent Mode

You can automatically put the phone into Silent Mode and say Silence My Phone by paying a command to Google Assistant.

Also automatically, the phone will switch to silent mode immediately after this command. It works with any phone or speaker connected to Google Assistant.

5- Share location

You can share your location directly using the voice assistant commands or find out your exact location on the map.

You can command where I am to show you where you are on the map in a small window – and it will definitely show up from Google Maps. You can also run the Share My Location command to share your location with any contact you select directly.

6- Take a screen shot

Google Voice Assistant lets you take a screenshot directly from your screen without holding the phone or pressing the screenshot buttons.

Suffice it to say take a screenshot, it will take a screenshot and display it on your mobile.

7- Take a picture with the camera

The assistant can take pictures of you using the front or rear camera of the phone, and all you have to do is select the type of image you want.

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You can take a selfie with the front camera or you can take a picture with the rear camera.

You can also add a timer before you take a photo, so that you are ready to take the photo as you wish and at any time or period you want.

8- Turn on quiet noise

Sometimes you have to play quiet noise or soft music to work quietly in a crowded place.

You can do this without having to pick up the phone by giving the command to your voice assistant with the Play command, and then remember the type of music you like, be it white noise, soft music, water sound and so on.

9- Access help settings

Voice assistant settings are not easily or quickly accessible because you have to go to Google Apps or Assistant Apps.

But with the Assistant Settings command, with Google Voice Assistant, you can quickly access its settings application.

10- Repeat what the assistant said

If you use Google Voice Assistant type in your native English or other languages, you may have trouble understanding what he is saying, especially if he speaks fast or if the phone is too far away to listen to him properly.

So you can run the Can You Repeat command to the voice assistant, repeat what he said in different ways, so if you ask him to repeat it out loud, it increases or slows down the volume.

11- Stop the assistant responding

Google Voice Assistant sometimes works without direct commands because it knows some voice commands.

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As a result, you may find that it works instantly when you chat with a friend or coworker.

However, you can silence him by executing the following command: According to Al Arabia Net, it is not for you.

This is also an important story for you to remember, so you can calm the assistant down while you work automatically.

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