March 25, 2023

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“Fees” were not the first .. Egyptian films left the theaters due to low revenue

Reading the audience code in the world of cinema is not an easy task, many factors control the box office, the first of which is the fan circle of the hero of the film, the idea surrounding it and the generosity of the production company.

Looking at the record of Egyptian cinema, we see that there are works that have failed at the box office and there are others that have made it to the top list in the collection race.

In Egypt, the makers of the film “Fairs” starring Ahmed Zahar and Hussein Fahmi received a severe blow, and 4 weeks after its commercial presentation, the film was removed from theaters due to poor revenue.

Director Raouf Abdel Aziz’s “Force” grossed ஆயிரம் 700,000 at the time of its screening, meaning it failed to impress audiences and the box office did not sympathize with it.

“Force” was not the first Egyptian work to be withdrawn from theaters due to poor revenue, as there had been a large number of lucky films before it, and their fate was removed from theaters, in particular.

Movie “Under the Table”

It was produced in 2016 and co-starred with Mohammed Chad, Menna Fatali, Nermin L-Fekhi and Hassan Hosni, and was written by Walid Yusuf and directed by Sami al-Nakash.

The film was removed from the theaters due to the low number of people who knew it was a competition during the Eid al-Adha season, and Mohammad Saad appeared with his natural personality at his events. “Cutcoat and Al-Lampi”.

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“Your Excellency” movie

The film discusses a social issue, which is the mother’s relationship with her children, especially when she has responsibilities at work.

And co-starred with artist Pushra, Mahmoud El-Laidi, Sami Makhouri, Ala Morsi, young artist Ahmed Salem, Mohammad Ali Risk, Hosam Dakar, Sherif Bahar, Ismail in the 2022 film “His Excellence Uncle”. Sharaf, Doa Raqab and Noor Ehab.

Two weeks after its commercial release, the film was removed from theaters due to low turnout and grossed only 21 217,000.

“Sudden Escape” movie

The 2017 film “Sudden Escape”, starring Ashraf Moselhi and Nermin Maher, was withdrawn from theaters 10 days after its release, the work did not reach half a million pounds and could not compete at the box office. .

“White Honey” movie

In 2016, comedian Same Hussein competed in the film “White Honey” because the audience did not want to see it, and at that time the director of the distribution company said that the film did not earn a thousand pounds a day, which provoked it. Have to withdraw from theaters.

“White Honey” is a movie directed by Hosam El Kohari and starring Same Hussein, Baomi Fouad and Marihan Hussein.

Very dangerous man

In 2018, artist Same Hussain received a second shock when his film “The Most Dangerous Man” was removed from theaters due to lack of revenue.

He co-starred in Mark Adele’s Hala Faker, Edward and Rahma Hassan.