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The original Volkswagen Beetle worth 2.1 million dirhams. The market reaches 2023


The German company “Mேllevy” announced in the automotive industry its first product in the world, the “Milwaukee 1”, which reached the market in 2023 in a limited edition, with only 22 copies of the legendary Volkswagen Beat, with updated touches. Prices start at $ 598,000 per copy. , Equivalent to 2.1 million dirhams.

The British “Moto1” website stated: “The company, founded by engineer Jonathan Engels, aims to come up with the logo of the classic German car, especially its discontinued (Volkswagen Beetle), one of the most popular cars in history, based on the Classic Beatle 1303 chassis from the 1970s. In the model, a team of (Millevies) technicians spends about 1,000 hours retrieving and upgrading each version of the car and upgrading every aspect of it, with the single metal part of the body remaining on the car and the floorboards unchanged.

Known as the “Millevey 1”, or “Millevie”‘s first car, it hid all Volkswagen logos and changed it to “Millevé”, and the original car came without the popular Chrome inlays. The brand and exterior body has received a touch from “Porsche”. Features customized front and rear fenders, wide-body construction and new LED lighting units.

Mélivière upgrades, characterized by a redesigned bonnet longer than the standard model, angled windshield, flush fitted door handles, contemporary side mirrors, new bonnet spoiler and dual-exhaust grille, titanium or black chrome, car with an independent front and rear system Two tube dampers are supported by highly effective shock absorbers.



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