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Feet of All Things… an unexpected comedy anthology by Martha Haversham


They say “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. It is with this statement that conceptual artist Martha Haversham brings to life much of what many consider “junk,” while Martha’s “eye” finds inspiration and “heart” in it. Creativity and the art of “being”.

Beat everything

Martha’s interdisciplinary practice responds to the creative world aesthetically, conceptually and satirically, the UK-based artist finds comic potential in the most unlikely of elements. Her clever arrangements combine leaves, fruits, vegetables and common household items with magazine clippings for legs. The results are a clever mix of whimsical collages, and Haversham finds objects like silhouettes for everyday wear, turning everything she sees into fabric. My creative design And a piece of clothing, you find the appropriate “feet” for him, socks and shoes, classic and modern, or sporty, decorative and light summer wear, and the feet can be barefoot, or hidden under socks, there you are. Discover the best talent in finding legs for everything. On her official website,, Martha says:beauty He is always in the eye of the “beholder” who seeks him, “that is what makes me go to people’s trash, what is not desirable to one, useful to another.”

Fashion is invented

Martha Haversham brings this concept to life in her “Found Fashion” series. On your desk, in front of your door, on the side of a driveway, or anywhere else you can think of. Martha is a versatile artist born and raised in London and raised in the art world. Her father, a photographer, and mother, a ballerina, always encouraged her to be creative and expressive. Caught in an endless loop, he started walking during his lunch break. She began to find things lying on the ground or hidden under something else as she walked, which she picked up and kept for the purpose of creating her artwork.

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The term “nonsense” is a form of contemporary art

Martha Haversham Collage – From her official Instagram page

Martha thinks the word “bullshit” as one of her followers said; is a pattern Modern art “It really stops you in your tracks and puts a big smile on your face when you find a ‘little treasure’ hidden or scattered along the road. My collages are models of what the unexpected can be.” Haversham plays with graceful characters walking, sitting and jumping with movement and perspective in his arrangement where “true creativity can lead our childhood imagination back to a playful place.” Every combination doubles as a runway because Kalai is an unexpected fashion show. He affirms: “My job as an artist is to hand over to you the keys to a store full of high-quality clothes on your head, a constant source of earthly happiness. I’m willing to attach some care instructions; I’ll print some labels. And to keep these creative designs in their best shape possible as a statement.” Call “.

A piece of clothing

According to, the ‘found fashion’ series can include anything from clothes, fallen flowers and petals. mug Dry around the door becomes dresses with pleats and ruffles, cigarette butts become pants, crumpled brown paper, and a sheer strapless gown. A stalk of celery with tight green pants, a used mask that turns into a skirt, an empty cigarette lighter that turns into a trouser leg, an old folded mask that turns into a kitchen apron, and what looks like the rest of Christmas. Decorations, decorative fabrics etc. Between hats, skirts, dresses and pants, the list goes on and on, and it’s piling up. All of Martha’s finds are in boxes in her studio, sorted by longevity of the items. Among them, observed and later turned into his creative designs. Get creative and join SmallDitch in following her to experience everyday trash through the eyes of an artist.

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Video from Martha Haversham’s official Instagram page

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