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Fierce competition among electronic platforms in Ramadan 2023 season | Art


Electronic platforms started scaring off the Ramadan series a few years ago, but they kept increasing the fare of TV programs every year until Ramadan reached a new peak in 2023.

Arab and foreign sites compete with each other to win the highest percentage of followers in Ramadan, especially “Watch” and “Watch ID” which had the lion’s share of the series with the clear presence of other sites such as “OSN”. And “TOD” and “Starz play” and others. The offerings of electronic platforms differ in the absence of advertisements that interrupt viewing and bore the viewer, and double the time required to follow an episode.

Local and Arab competition

Although the competition started several years ago, last year showed signs of its ignition. While the Egyptian “Watch It” site was content to exclusively show Egyptian series, the “Shahid” site entered with a mix of Egyptian, Gulf and Syrian languages. Along with the growth of Arab plays, especially Syrian and Kuwaiti plays, and their competition with Egyptian plays in various non-Egyptian regions, this warrants a greater presence in the Arab world.

This thing is not even limited to Egyptian drama in Egypt, it found Syrian, Lebanese and Gulf dramas and took its place to start attracting its own audience, including series like “Cairo Batch”. And “Beirut Patch” Kuwaitis, who have received their fortune from the audience and the audience in two consecutive years, and their presentation on a platform like “Shahid” allowed them to follow the audience from different Arab countries, and there are other Gulf series like “”. Amina Half” and “Baby” and others were seen strongly and this year “Shahid” was one of the most watched works on stage.

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The “Watch It” platform is betting on the modern drama format, as it has seen drama strongly in past years and this year in short series like Tonya Samir Khanem’s “Jet Salima”, “Al-Safarah”. “The Imam’s Message” and “A Husband’s Diary” by Ahmad Amin, Khalid al-Nabawi. Tariq Ludfi.


As part of an effort to attract viewers, the “Watch” platform decided to show some of its series for free to the public without subscription during the month of Ramadan, including Muhammad Mamdou’s “Rashid” series, and the Syrian series “Jam Al”. Suzanne Najm Al-Dinin -Ezz”, and the Lebanese series “Fire with Fire” by Abed Fahad.

As for the “Watch It” site, it is exclusively showing the series “Express Hasty” and it also announced the presence of 4 works of its exclusive production in Ramadan.

“Shahid” platform shows several series in collaboration with MBC channels, especially “The Seventh Harsha” starring Amina Khalil and the series directed by Karim Al-Shennawi and “Dash 19”, which is part of the popular 19th. Saudi serial “Dash Ma Dash”. Starring Nasser Al-Qassabi and Abdullah Al-Satan, and “The Whole Number” by Essad Younes.

Foreign sites

Although “Netflix”, “Starsplay” and other platforms are not the main competitor in Ramadan drama, Ramadan will not be without competition from foreign electronic viewing platforms, but these platforms have run short series in the Arab region.

In the last few weeks, “Stars Play” company produced the horror series “Nightmare”, which takes place in 4 Arab countries in separate episodes based on the most famous Arab folklore. “Netflix” also produced the Kuwaiti series “The Deal”, which revolves around the true story of two Kuwaiti women entering the stock market in the eighties of the last century.

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This year these foreign sites are not actively competing with their Arab counterparts, but sooner or later they will collide with Ramadan seasons with products dedicated to this month. The next drama season clashes a bit with the war.

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