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No matter how long it takes | Marilyn Sallum


Marilyn Sallum

“The main hero is the producer” are words that only a confident person can say. Rarely will you hear a director, writer, or lead actor talk about preparing for television or film work. , and gives back the first credit for the success of his creation to the producer who has spared nothing to help the film or series reach its desired goal and hope for success. These words were echoed by director Marwan Hamed when he talked about his film “Gira Valgen” and he didn’t need to explain the details, because everyone who saw the film, whether he was a professional, opinionated and gourmet or regular viewers, was amazed by this “great work”, and Except for works assigned “big” budgets, description was not called for, and every detail, from the smallest to the largest, rose to a level of perfection.

Every work should be unique, where the producer has generously handled it in the sense of magnanimity, not pomp and show, to polish the figure and shape of the heroine, or to spend the entire work budget and give the hero an unfairly inflated wage. And leave an indelible mark, immortalized in the memory of cinema and television and the public. Even if you’ve seen dozens of foreign versions and movies like “The Message” starring Anthony Quinn and Irene Babas, memory bears witness to many examples of how passers-by can’t pass without stopping you. In Arabic by Abdullah Kait and Mona Wassef, “The Destiny”, “Amara” Yacoubian, “The Blue Elephant” (more than one part) and the series “The Choice” (in all its parts), “Rafat al-Hagan” , “Layali al- Hilmea”, “Kam Island”.

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Laziness breeds failure, generosity and accounts for narrow and personal goals breed failure, and creativity in beautiful writing and movement is incomplete, and a successful and effective meeting between them does not work on a solid foundation. The way they come out in the most beautiful form on the screen. And this form would not be complete if the producer did not appreciate the message level of the film or series and took on the responsibility of overseeing all the props, props, costumes, sound, lighting and music. The simplicity of its content is presented to you with a beautiful template and great effort from all the behind-the-scenes team.

You can imagine that men die when the amount of effort and dedication they put into any work is immortal, and the succeeding generations bear witness to it, no matter how long it takes.

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