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Fifteen years after the occupation of Gaza, the mental health of Gaza’s children has deteriorated.


Save the Children warns that 80% of Gaza children are psychologically distressed and “mentally ill” 15 years after the siege of the Israeli-occupied territory.

  • Fifteen years after the siege of Gaza, 80% of Gaza’s children are suffering from psychological distress.

The NGO “Save the Children” warned in a report released Wednesday that 80% of Gaza’s children are psychologically affected, marking the 15th anniversary of the start of the Israeli occupation of Gaza.

“The mental health of Gaza’s children is deteriorating,” the organization said in a statement titled “Tressed.”

“The children we spoke to while preparing this report described their feelings as a constant fear, anxiety and sadness,” said Jason Lee, director of the organization in the Palestinian Territories.

According to the organization’s director, they “suffer from an inability to sleep and concentrate, and they are waiting for a new round of violence,” citing “physical evidence of their vulnerability such as spontaneous urination and loss of ability to speak or complete basic tasks.”

He told me that this evidence was “shocking and a wake-up call to the international community,” adding that “almost half of the population of the Gaza Strip has children and 800,000 young people do not enjoy this experience. Life without siege.”

The Israeli occupation has imposed a severe land, sea and air blockade on Gaza since 2007. Since 2018, the number of Kazan children reporting symptoms such as “depression, sadness and fear” has increased from 55 percent to 80 percent. Report.

The Gaza Strip, a narrow coastal area inhabited by 2.3 million Palestinians, has waged four bloody wars with the Israeli occupation since 2008, last lasting 11 days in May last year.

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