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Tom Hanks made his fans anxious with a weird video


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World actor appeared Tom Hanks Skinny, shaking hands in front of the audience made the international artist’s fans worried about his health.

Video clip of American artist Tom Hanks leaked during a promotional tour for the biography of the late singer Elvis Presley “Elvis” in the Australian city of Gold Coast. Jacket grabbed the microphone and could not control his right hand which was trembling strongly.

What happened to Tom Hanks?

In the video, which spread like wildfire on magazines and social media, Tom Hanks appeared holding a microphone in his right hand.

The 65-year-old Hanks said, “There is no better place in the world to make an interesting and rich film than the Gold Coast,” which he has filmed in Morocco, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Berlin and other countries. , But he did not see the possibilities as he had seen on the Gold Coast. The English daily “Daily Mail” published the news on June 4.

Tom Hanks disease

Hanks occasionally changed the way he held the microphone, trying to control his hand trembling, trying to switch between his hands for a while.

It is noteworthy that the video of Tom Hanks’ hand trembling caused fear among many of his fans, some of whom expected him to have joint problems. Nervous System Or Physical illness What has not been announced yet.

But there are some comments about Tom Hanks’ arm tremor, an American actor who has been suffering since 2013 as a result of diabetes.

It is noteworthy that Tom Hanks’ film “Elvis” presents the biography of singer Elvis Presley, who is considered a tributary of “rock” music. Hanks plays Presley’s business manager in the film; When Austin Butler plays Presley, Colonel Tom Parker is famous for his cruelty.

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